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Santa Margarita Catholic High School Christian Service Program

“Look at this Heart which has loved humanity so much…
through you My divine Heart wishes to spread its love everywhere on earth.”

Christ's words to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque 

Introduction to the Christian Service Program:
Of the many ways in which a high school student experiences the world, perhaps one of the most meaningful is through serving others.  The stories of our faith tell us that we must serve one another if we desire to know God. They tell us that in serving, we are given the opportunity to see through God’s eyes. The goal of service is to develop, in each student, the art of recognizing, comprehending and caring for the needs of others. The Christian Service Program at SMCHS seeks to develop in each student the habit of seeing the world they live in as God sees it and to become God’s hands, God’s feet, God’s heart.    
Grade-Level Service Projects:
Santa Margarita’s service program continues to be a true “service-learning” program, providing grade-level service projects that both inform students about Catholic Social Justice teaching and immerse them in being Christ to ‘the least of these’.
  • The Caritas Christi Service Project :Every freshman will be serving as a coach/mentor to an athlete at the 14th annual SMCHS Special Olympics Track and Field event on Monday, March 20, 2017. 

  • The Agnus Dei Project gives sophomores the opportunity to serve the working poor families who are part of the Loaves and Fishes ministry. Students will  organize  and manage several themed carnivals throughout the year. These carnivals will be located  on the grounds of St. Joseph’s  Catholic School in Santa Ana. Loaves & Fishes is the soup kitchen housed there.
  • The Lumen Christi Project is a two-year program, encompassing a student’s junior and senior year.  One of the goals of the Lumen Christi Project is to assist students in identifying the structures of injustice based on their research and the 'on-the-ground' experience gained while serving with a non-profit agency. 
Service hours are partnered with reflective assignments that integrate life experience into the Christian Service curriculum. Completion of every grade-level service project, while a student attends SM,  is a graduation requirement.
Program Details:
  • Premised on our charism – "Caritas Christi" (the Love of Christ) – and our ESLR’s, we aim to promote certain Gospel-based attitudes in our students, faculty, staff and parent community.
  • These attitudes are: a disciple’s respect for all life, compassion, being a voice for the marginalized and collaboration in bringing the kingdom of God to our community.
  • To that end, SMCHS Christian Service program integrates service at every grade level, with appropriate and challenging reflections.
  • A completed service project fulfills the SMCHS service graduation requirement.
  • Time doing service, whether for the grade level project or for extra-curricular purposes, is recorded in our on-line service instrument, known as x2VOL. All students are registered in x2VOL through their registration process.  
  • Instructions for every aspect of the Freshman and Sophomore grade level project is found on this

 One Note link 

  • Instructions for every aspect of the Junior and Senior grade level project is found on this

One Note link  

  • All Extra Curricular service hours must provide direct (face to face) contact with our under served community (people who are physically, emotionally and/or economically disadvantaged) or focus on restoring health and integrity to creation and creatures or actively teach your faith. All agencies need to be nonprofit, except for hospitals.
  • Extra-curricular service hours, done outside of the designated grade level service project should be designated as extra curricular in  x2Vol.
  • Santa Margarita’s ‘Coeur a Coeur’ (Heart to Heart), a certificate recognizing sustained commitment to and leadership in service, will be given to students at the end of the academic year. The recognition is based on their extra-curricular service. {120 service hours is required every time they receive the award}.
  • SMCHS also provides a website that features a comprehensive list of approved service sites in the area. Click here
  • To verify your hours please keep in mind the person who verifies your hours can NOT be a parent, relative or SMCHS student.
  • Any attempt to falsify hours will result in a zero for the project and a referral.