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About CSF

Please consult the school calendar for CSF application periods.
The next California Scholarship Federation (CSF) application
period will be January 30 – February 10, 2017
Eligibility is determined by students' grades on their most recent high school semester report card.
The application is posted below. Please follow all of the directions on the application.
CSF is an academic honors organization comprised of students who have met the CSF grade requirements (see application). Eligibility is determined by the student’s grades from his or her most recent high school semester report card. Members will not only receive academic recognition at SMCHS, but colleges and universities also tend to look favorably on CSF membership when reviewing applications.
Students who wish to apply must personally submit their completed application and $5 check made payable to SMCHS - CSF (with the student’s first and last name in the memo section) Mr. Donahue in T10 during the application period. The application is available under “CSF Application” in the box to the right.
Applications will not be accepted during class time (before or after school ONLY) or if either of the required components is missing. You may not mail the application, e-mail it, or turn it in to the school office. Please do not have someone else submit it for you in case there is an issue with your application. Students must take responsibility to submit their applications on time. Late applications will not be accepted. Students do not need to include a copy of their report card/ transcript as grades are checked electronically.
CSF membership is for one semester only. Accordingly, students must reapply each semester in order to maintain their CSF status and to accumulate the four semesters necessary for Life Membership.
Each application is verified for accuracy at the time of submission. Membership lists (available under "CSF Membership Lists" in the box to the right) will be updated about a month after the application period ends. It is the student’s responsibility to check this webpage as letters do not go out to members.
Life Members will wear a gold cord at graduation and a CSF Gold Honor Seal will be affixed to their diplomas. Life members are also eligible to apply for a college scholarship. Details will be posted on the school website by early March under Admissions and applications are typically due in early April.
Life Membership is awarded to students who have qualified for membership during four semesters (grades from sophomore, junior, and senior years) with at least one semester of membership during senior year.  Accordingly, seniors should apply using their grades from the fall semester of their senior year. If a senior does not meet the life membership requirements after the fall semester of his or her senior year, his or her spring semester grades will be considered.
Seniors who need their eighth semester grades to qualify for life membership will not receive the gold cord for the graduation ceremony unless they take the initiative to bring Mr. Donahue (T10) their unofficial transcript that includes their eighth semester grades (available two days before graduation in the counseling office) and make arrangements to pick up the gold cord prior to the day of the ceremony. Printouts from Aeries will not be accepted as these are not necessarily students' report card grades. In addition, they will be ineligible for the CSF college scholarship as applications will be due prior to the completion of their eighth semester. 
Grades from freshman year may be used to qualify for CSF membership, but they do not count towards life membership. All membership records are available under “CSF Membership Lists” in the box to the right.
If you have additional questions about the application process or your membership status, please contact Mr. Donahue at
Please check for other information and updates about CSF.