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Join the Speech and  Debate Team! Take the Debate Class! 

Debate and Argumentation & Advanced Debate and Argumentation AS AN ELECTIVE 

This class  will look great on your college resume!

You will learn:
  • Public Forum Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Impromptu Speech, Oratorical Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking and many more styles of Speech and Debate.
  • Better delivery skills
  • How to create arguments
  • How to write cases
  • How to research specific topics being argued
  • How to be a more confident, fluid, and well-spoken person in front of a large group of people
  • How to have lots of fun doing this!


  • EVERYONE is welcome to try it! No experience is necessary! We collaborate as a team and teach each other
  • You choose what style of speech and/or debate you are interested in and let me know so I can teach you
  • You will collaborate and practice with your teammates to prep for tournaments
  • You will attend meetings and practices to work on cases or do practices rounds
  • If you are interested in competing on the team, there is no obligation to go to a specific amount of tournaments. You go to what you can and practice for it with the team and on your own.
  • There are several tournament opportunities throughout the season. You choose what you want to go to.
  • There is one travel tournament in San Diego and a few selected individuals are invited to go.

Debate Team Flyer