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PROM 2017

Thursday May 25, 2017
7:00pm - 12:00am
Dinner and Dance
 Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom
Ticket Information:
  April 28-May 12 at 3:00 pm: $130
May 12 at 3:01 pm - May 19 at 3:00 pm: $160
 Ticket price is per person and includes a seated 3-course dinner, dancing and a professional picture.
 Dance contracts will be available below.


Prom step by step How to:
1. Submit 2016-2017 SMCHS Student Master Dance and Event Contract (if not submitted already - it is available at the bottom of the page)
2. If bringing a non-SMCHS student guest, print and fill out a Guest Contract (located at the bottom of this page)
3. If you are buying a ticket for yourself or your son/daughter, Click Here to Purchase Prom Ticket (SM STUDENT ONLY)
4. If you wish to buy a ticket for anyone other than yourself or your student (non-SMCHS guest or a date), please bring cash/check to Activities Office).
6. Please determine your seating preference - tables will seat 12 students.
7. Bring Student ID to Prom (non-negotiable)
Event Information:
Prom will be held at the Disneyland Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on Thursday May 25, 2017. Doors open at 7:00 PM and will end at 12:00 AM (midnight).  A formal dinner will be served at 8:00 PM. Students in grades 11 and 12 are invited to attend this event.  Students in grade 10 may attend this event only if invited by an SM student in grade 11 or 12.  Students and guests attending this event must check-in by 8:00 PM and may not leave until 11:00 PM.  All SM students will need show their current SMCHS ID card when checking in.  All guests will need to show either a government-issued ID or valid school ID when checking in.  Guests must check in with their SM student date.
For your convenience, drop-off, self-parking, and valet are all available at the Disneyland Hotel entrance. 
Prom Dress Code:
With input from our parents, we think we have developed a standard of personal appearance emphasizing modesty, good taste, and safety. Students must adhere to the dress code in order to be admitted to a dance. The dress code for a formal event is listed below.
All attire must be modest and appropriate for a Catholic Christian environment. Prom is considered a formal dance, and thus you are expected to follow the SMCHS guidelines for formal attire as outlined in the 2016-2017 SMCHS Student Master Dance and Event Contract. Students and their guests must adhere to the following dress code. It is the responsibility of the SMCHS student to clearly communicate these guidelines to their guests if they do not attend SMCHS.
Table Seating: Please obtain and return a table seating plan from Activities Office. Please note that any changes must be handled through your table captain and the Activities Office only. 
Special Dietary Needs:
If you or your guest have special dietary needs, please communicate your needs to prior to May 22nd. In order to facilitate the process, please have your table captain submit your table seating plan before you notify us of dietary needs so we can properly coordinate with Disney. 
Special Note for Prom 2017 Dresses: We have been notified by Disney that floor length dresses and clothing are no longer permitted in Downtown Disney. Please plan your transportation to Prom so that you are not required to walk through Downtown Disney in order to avoid any issues. 
**Prom is primarily a Junior/Senior event. Freshmen are not permitted to attend Prom. Sophomores are only permitted to attend if they are asked by a current Junior/Senior.**