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About Mr. Sedlick:

Hi, I’m Mr. Scott Sedlick, I am the Marine Biology and Biology ID teacher and head wrestling coach for SMCHS. I was born and raised in Wellington, Ohio. Both my parents John and Nancy are teachers as well, so I guess you can say it is in my blood. I have a brother, Dave, who works as a natural resource consultant and is in a band called Cowboy Hillbilly Hippy Folk. I have been wrestling since I was 5 years old and was a state champion in 1992. I went to Syracuse University on a full ride scholarship for wrestling and graduated pre-med in 1998. I moved out to California to follow a career in Marine Biology in 1998, where I worked at the Aquarium of the Pacific for 3 years. I came to SMCHS in 2001 and I am proud to be an educator and a coach. As many, if not all, of my students know I am an avid Star Wars fan! I have two pugs, a fawn colored one named Padme and a Black one named Vader. I also have an Ocelot Tabby cat named Skywalker. I enjoy fishing (large mouth bass and yellowtail), scuba diving, mountain biking and spending time with my wife and friends. My favorite singer is Bob Dylan, I find his music to be genius. I also enjoy listening to Johnny Cash and Grandpa Jones. My favorite movies are, of course, Star Wars. My order from best to worst is, Episode IV, V, III, II, VI, I. My wife, Kirsten, has worked at Pacific Marine Mammal Center for 11 years, where she rescues and rehabilitates sick and injured marine mammals that have stranded along the Orange County coastline. She is an animal care supervisor and the education coordinator. Like me, she enjoys teaching about the ocean and its inhabitants. Most of all she is the love of my life. Henry Adams said… A teacher affects eternity: He can never tell where his influence stops. I believe strongly that as teachers we can awaken the creative expression and knowledge in the children we teach. I believe as a teacher I will always be biased, for the force of teaching is confidence and enthusiasm. 


Current Courses: 
Biology ID 
Environmental Science
Oceanography/marine biology 

Teaching since: 2001 
Teacher at SMCHS since: 2001 

B.S., Biology-Syracuse University 

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Mr. Scott Sedlick
Science Teacher
Head Wrestling Coach
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Tuesday and Thursday
7:05-7:35 am