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Scholarship Winners

The Sarah DeMille Scholarship Award was set up in remembrance of Sarah Ashley DeMille, SMCHS Class 2005 Lady Runner.  Sarah was killed in an automobile accident at Northern Arizona University.  Sarah volunteered to accompany a friend driving a fellow student at NAU home for the weekend so the driver would not have to make the long trip on mountain roads back to NAU alone.  The student driving the car lost control while trying to avoid hitting a deer that ran across the road. The idea for the scholarship and the initial donation to the fund was made possible by Applied Medical.  Sarah had worked at Applied Medical for two summers as an intern.  Sarah was a true Lady Runner.  She loved to run.  She loved the team and she loved her ability to make each member believe it was all about personal best.  The recipient of the scholarship award is chosen based on the values and attributes of the ideal SMCHS Lady Runner.  The cross country coaches make their selection based on these criteria.


2016 - Samantha Walsh 

Sam states, "I am truly grateful and honored to be awarded the Sarah DeMille Scholarship. Sarah’s legacy of love and commitment to the Cross Country Program lives on in all the past and present runners. You didn’t have to know Sarah to know the impact she has had on this program. She was loved and respected by the coaches and her teammates. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing team and to help continue Sarah’s legacy of hard work, determination and the love of running".


2015 – Kathryn Moreno

I am so honored to have received the Sara DeMille Scholarship. I never got the chance to meet Sarah, but the way the coaches speak of her truly shows the impact she had and continues to have on the cross-country team. Through the race every summer and just throughout the year her presence is still evident within the team. Her love for this sport, the team, and tradition pushes us all to be more like her and to make this team great. She will forever be remembered and that is why I am so unbelievably grateful to be a part of a team that is so supportive, loving, and truly is a family, all which comes from the values Sara began. She truly defines what it means to be a leader and a good teammate. I am extremely fortunate to have a part of carrying on the tradition of this team and will forever be grateful to have done so.

2015 – Jonathon Kim

I am truly grateful to have received the Sarah DeMille Spirit Award. Although none of the current team members have met Sarah, she has helped us all grow as runners and as people. Each year, we remember Sarah for her dedication to her team, sportsmanship, and compassion. I believe that these values made her the ideal cross country runner. As runners, we seek to better ourselves and help our teammates, and Sarah’s legacy reminds us to do exactly that. This award means much more than a scholarship to me. I am thankful and honored to know that I helped to continue Sarah’s legacy of hard work and kindness.

2014 – Erica Munson

Erica states, “I am so grateful to have received the Sarah DeMille Scholarship. Although I never got the privilege of meeting her, Sarah’s legacy of kindness, hard work and support is truly embodied by the spirit of the team. The precedent she left us extends to each member of the team as we strive to follow in her footsteps in all aspects of our character. Every year we are reminded of her legacy with the Sarah DeMille Race and that mentality carries on throughout the year. I am so thankful to have been a part of such a determined and supportive team, all of which stems from the tradition that Sarah helped to establish here.”


2014 - Taylor Comroe

I am honored to be the first male recipient of the Sarah DeMille Scholarship.  I feel as though this award is not just a scholarship, but an extension of Sarah’s characteristics and ideals.  Although I was not honored with the chance of meeting her, she continues to be present in our thoughts on every run and in everything we do, guiding us in her footsteps and encouraging us to strive towards being the best we can be.  With the boys and girls cross country teams combined together this year, it has given me an insight to Sarah’s experiences as a lady eagle runner, and has given me countless reminders of her dedication and commitment to the sport.  Sarah has impacted so many of us, and we remember her at the beginning of every season with the Sarah DeMille Memorial 5k, which brings our teams and surrounding community together to remember Sarah’s compassion for the sport of cross country.  Sarah has l our teams with her six ideals: Passion, Dream, Sacrifice, Commitment, Belief, and Hard Work.  


2013 - Brooke Pigneri 

I am extremely honored to win the Sarah DeMille Scholarship that embodies not only Sarah's characteristics but also those of the lady runners before me. I feel that this award connects us all to Sarah and keeps her spirit present throughout the Cross Country Program. To know that I could embody even half the attributes of Sarah makes me feel confident with the work I have done in my running career. Sarah has made a huge impact not only on the coaches and teammates, but also every single lady runner that has gone through Santa Margarita's Cross Country Program. She has left a spirit of perseverance, sportsmanship, hard work, and dedication. Sarah DeMille truly defines what it is be a lady runner exhibiting both passion for the sport and compassion towards her team.


2012 - Aitana Zermeno 

Seven years after Sarah’s graduation from SM, the warmth and companionship that she fostered on this team are still manifesting themselves. My favorite characteristic of our team is the welcoming attitude that everyone expresses toward each other, and I know Sarah had a large part in fashioning that. She encouraged the girls that whatever they may have lacked in leg power could always be compensated for with power of heart. A team with strength of heart and faith is truly a winning team. She poured her heart into SM cross country and left a part of it there for the rest of us to carry on, and I cherish this opportunity to do so."


2011 - Sarah Porter

Sarah's comments as she is now the newest scholarship winner, "It has become clear to me that Sarah was the embodiment of all that we, her teammates past and present, could possibly hope to be as runners on Santa Margarita’s cross country team. This team, which has been shaped Sarah’s past contributions and enduring presence, has played an immeasurable role in the formation of my own identity. As a recipient of this award, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of giving for the sake of giving, of reaching my full potential, and of assisting others as they too strive to reach theirs. Sarah left a legacy that exemplifies Caritas Christi and Carpe Diem; I am now honored to carry it on."


2010 - Karmyn McKnight and Brooke Talbot

Karmyn McKnight after hearing she was a scholarship winner said, "I was not fortunate enough to meet Sarah, but her passion for cross-country is very clear to me through the legacy she has left for this team. Her spirit for the team and her determination for success carries on through the hearts of the current team members. Sarah was certainly a positive influence when she was on the team, and she still is today. The current leadership of the team would be nothing without our desire to live up to all that Sarah was, a true Lady Runner. I am incredibly honored to receive the award commemorating Sarah and to have my name next to the names of the previous recipients, all of whom were my role models when I was an underclassman."


Brooke Talbot -  "I was blessed to share the scholarship with one of my best friends, and I feel that that is what Sarah was all about. From all I've heard, she wanted to share all the love she had for her team, so it is only fitting that her love be radiated in the love between friends and fellow teammates. This scholarship has passed from year to year in such a special way that I know Sarah's spirit, leadership, and friendliness will be preserved forever, "this is a quote came from Brooke Talbot after hearing she was a dual Sarah DeMille scholarship winner this year.


2009 - Karsyn Kraft

Karsyn Kraft after receiving the Sarah DeMille Scholarship Award said “Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Sarah I feel like I somehow know her just from the hearing the stories from the other girls and coaches. I can honestly say that Sarah was an inspiration for the team the past four years. She was an inspiration for us to be the best team if we worked hard enough and the team with the greatest heart.”


2008 - Jessica Mumaugh 

Jessica states "I've only ever heard good things about Sarah, how much of a leader and a kind person Sarah was to everyone. Lindsey Lake, a fellow SMCHS Lady Runner, would always say how Sarah was like a mom to the girls, always looking out for her team and encouraging the girls to do their best. I am honored and blessed to receive this award in Sarah's honor that my actions as a Lady Runner have reflected Sarah's."


2007 - Lindsey Lake 

Lindsey states, “To be given an award for my actions as a Lady Runner in her honor is indescribable. I am so blessed. I would have never been the leader I am today if I had not known Sarah.”


2006 - Karina Galvin 

Karina was the first scholarship recipient. Karina remembers, “Sarah was always there for me and for every other girl on our team. All of us believe that Sarah is with us when we run and it is her spirit that keeps us positive and helps us work toward our goals.”