Santa Margarita Catholic High School

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Arts Alliance
We support the Performing & Visual Arts Departments, and are helping to build the foundation for the future of the Arts at SMCHS.
Moms in Prayer As a faith-based community, Santa Margarita families support one another through prayer. Each week, our Moms in Prayer group meets to pray for our school community.
Mothers Club Our mission is to provide our current and alumni members with activities which will foster support for each other and for our school; engage in new friendships; and most importantly, enrich the lives of our children.
Parent Fellowship in Faith
The PTG and Campus Ministry currently sponsor two evenings for parents of Santa Margarita Catholic High School students during the school year. These evenings of “Fellowship in Faith” are aimed at gathering parents together to share and strengthen their faith with their families.
Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)
The PTG is an organization consisting of all parents, administrators, faculty and staff of Santa Margarita Catholic High School. Its purpose is to promote and facilitate open communication within the school community and to support our school's policies and Christian philosophy. Membership in this organization is automatic for all parents and employees.
Safe Homes
The Safe Homes Program is a voluntary union of parents to promote a healthy attitude against underage and illegal alcohol and drug use by SMCHS students. All parents who are committed to adhering to the Safe Homes Pledge are offered the opportunity to sign the Safe Homes Commitment Card and be included on the Safe Homes list. *Please note that parents are required to sign up every year.