The dance program engages students artistically through various styles of dance. The SMCHS dance program enriches students' understanding of the art form through exposure to choreographic elements, dance terminology, dance history and injury prevention. Students will learn that dance is a highly skilled art and should be practiced in a professional manner. Students have the opportunity to exercise their training in the Spring Dance Concert and the annual SMCHS Christmas Production.

Courses Offered

Beginning Dance

Students are exposed to the basic principles of jazz dance, while incorporating ballet and modern techniques. No prior experience is required for placement into this class.

Intermediate Dance

Student placement in this class is based on a successful audition that is determined by the Director of Dance. Intermediate Dance is a course designed to further student training in performance, composition, and technique.

Advanced Dance

Student placement in this class is based on a successful audition that is determined by the Director of Dance. This course is designed for the highly technical and highly trained dancer. Students will learn warm-ups, and difficult movement phrases executed across the floor, and dance combinations at the advanced level.

Dance Production/Dance Team

A yearlong course designed to teach the advanced dance student how to be a better performer, and how to view dance (both live performances and via videos) from a critical perspective. Students must have a solid technical background and experience with Ballet, Modern and Jazz. Participation in the annual SMCHS Christmas Production and the SMCHS Dance Concert are also required. In addition to on-campus performances, these students represent SMCHS at competitive dance team competitions during the winter/early spring. The SMCHS Dance Team is a competitive performance group consisting of well trained, experienced performers who love to dance. An academic program within the Performing Arts Department, the dancers receive academic credit that is UC approved for their class work, as well as PE Credit for 8th period rehearsals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which class do I join?

Students with little to no previous dance experience should sign up for Beginning Dance. Students with significant previous dance experience should audition for Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance or Dance Production (if interested in competing with the Dance Team). Students become eligible for IB Dance their junior year if they have taken at least one dance class at SMCHS and obtain approval from the director of dance.

Do I have to audition?

No previous dance experience is required for Beginning Dance. Auditions are only required for students interested in joining Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance or Dance Production/Dance Team.

How do I sign up?

Simply choose Beginning Dance as your elective. For Intermediate or Advanced Dance, students must attend the class placement audition. Students that are interested in joining the Dance Production Class (Dance Team) must attend the Dance Team audition.

Contact Us

Email: dance@smhs.org

Phone: 949-766-6000


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