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Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Week of Giving 2016
Admissions Process and Application
The Application Process at Santa Margarita Catholic is designed to be as simple as possible to the prospective parent.  Please follow the steps below and your child's file will be complete in a timely and efficient manner.  Currently Admissions for Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students is on a rolling basis until each class reaches capacity.
A PowerPoint slide show summarizing the Admissions Process may be found by clicking here. (Please Note: the file is large and may take a minute to upload.)
Step 1: Complete the Application Form:
The first step to becoming an Eagle is to complete the application form. You may apply online or request an application be mailed to you. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee that may be mailed to the SMCHS Admissions Office after completing the online application. This fee automatically signs up your student for the Placement Test on January 29, 2011.  The Placement Exam is only for incoming freshmen.

If you would like to apply online, please click here.
Step 2: Deliver Recommendation Forms:
We ask that you request 3 confidential recommendation letters be completed by your child's Math teacher, English Teacher, and Principal/School Counselor. Please download the following recommendation forms and take them to your child's current school and give to your child's teachers and principal. It is recommended that you provide each teacher/principal with a stamped addressed envelope (addressed to Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Attn: Admissions) so that each person completing the recommendation form may mail the letter directly to the Admissions Office in a timely manner.
After applying on-line, be sure to download the following recommendation forms (you will be directed to the forms after completing step one of your application).
Step 3: Request Transcripts, Immunization Record, and Standardized Testing Results:
To complete your child's application file, we ask that you take the "Records Release Form" (may be dowloaded below) to your child's current school. This form allows you to go to your current school (providing your authorization) to request your current school to send us your child's 7th and 8th grade transcripts (or high school transcript for transfer students), immunization record, and standardized testing results. Your child's current school will then send us these 3 documents directly to us (Attn: Admissions Office).
Step 4: Student Essay (For Students Transfering From Another High School Only):
Please have your child fill out the essay below and deliver it to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.
Mr. Ron Blanc, Admissions Director
(949) 766-6096