Our Mission

Santa Margarita Catholic High School endeavors to bring the person and teachings of Jesus Christ to this time by providing young men and women the opportunity to be guided by the charism of Caritas Christi – the love of Christ – through compassion, humility, justice, and goodness. We are dedicated to working in union with families to provide a transformative, college preparatory education encompassing the student’s religious, moral, intellectual, physical, and personal well-being within the framework of our Catholic identity.


The vision of Santa Margarita Catholic High School strives to bring the nurturing charism of Caritas Christi – the love of Christ – to our community of faith and learning. In the 17th century, Jesus revealed a vision of His Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, the patroness of our school. It is the heart of Jesus that impels us to live Caritas Christi. By embodying Gospel values, we can be the heart of Christ in the world today and serve the local and global community through living our four core principles of compassion, humility, justice, and goodness.

  • COMPASSION – To be one who acts and speaks with concern for others.
  • HUMILITY –  To be one who understands themselves in relationship to God.
  • JUSTICE –  To be one who respects and advocates for the dignity of all people and creation.
  • GOODNESS –  To be one who reflects the image of God in thought, word, and action.


Integrated Student Outcomes (ISOs)

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Integral Student Outcomes (ISO's)