SM Football Coaching Intern Emily Regitz '24

SM Football Coaching Intern Emily Regitz '24

Senior Emily Regitz transferred from Newport Harbor to SMCHS to be a coaching intern for the football team

By: Eric Sondheimer | latimes.com | September 8, 2023

Wearing aviator sunglasses while carrying an iPad and clipboard, 17-year-old Emily Regitz looks armed and ready for her duties as a coaching intern for Santa Margarita Catholic High School’s football team.

You’ve heard of seniors transferring to a school for more playing time, for exposure to college recruiters or to try to be part of a championship team. Regitz might be the first to transfer to a school for the opportunity to coach in the Trinity League.

Her attitude is perfect for her goal to coach in college and the pros, and that is to never say no to any request, whether that means carrying water bottles, picking up trash or breaking down video.

Rams coach Sean McVay started the same way.

She’s known as Coach Em. She attended Newport Harbor last season learning from defensive coordinator Jon Arredondo while helping coach the defensive line, which just happened to include her brother, Trey. If big brother doesn’t mind being coached by his sister, no one should have any doubts.

They don’t at Santa Margarita.

“When she came, we told the guys, ‘Em is here, she’s going to coach.’ No matter your age, respect is paramount,” head coach Anthony Rouzier said. “They know when Coach Em is talking, they listen. It’s also a unique situation for her because she’s a student. She’s done a great job reading the room.

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