Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty Directory

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Jennifer Abalos

Counselor, International Student Coordinator

Pedro Acosta


Brittany Adame

Science Teacher

Christine Adolph

Visual Arts Teacher

Kyle Alcaino

Theatre Manager & Master Electrician

Nicholas Anderson

Athletic Trainer

Dr. Maria D.S. Andrade Johnson

Religion and IB Philosophy Teacher

Astrid Anticona

Spanish Teacher

John Arredondo

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Teacher

Shellsy Ashen

Science Teacher

Rowena Asuncion

Lab Technician

Kirstyn Atkinson

Head Girls Lacrosse Coach, Contract Substitute

Marco Aviles


Eric Banducci


Debra Barbre

English and Journalism Teacher

Chris Barry

Associate Director of Activities

Coleen Barry

English Department Chair and Teacher

Tim Bartel

Information Technology (IT) Programmer

Sean Basford

Assistant Principal - Academics and Curriculum

Laurie Beach

Senior Director of Advancement

Teri Beauchamp

Assistant Director of Communications, Web & Print

David Bellosi

Social Studies Teacher

Ashlie Berg

Social Studies Teacher

Carolyn Bien

Assistant to Campus Ministry and Activities

Bahar Bigdeli

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Specialist

Richard Blanc

Aquatics Manager and Math Teacher

Ron Blanc

Director of Admissions, Head Swim and Diving Coach

Renee Blanc-Supernaw

Math Teacher, Assistant Swim Coach

Wendeline Borowski


Sara Brakke

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Teacher

Kelly Brennan-Divis

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Facilities Management

Scott Bricker

Director of Educational Technology, Math Teacher

Karen Bunnell

Spanish Teacher

Gerardo Butalid

Assistant Coordinator of Retreats and Special Events

Rev. Craig Butters

English Teacher

Katie Bystedt

Religion Teacher

John Byszewski

Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics Manager & Athletics Coverage

Francis Cabildo

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry - Retreats & Parish Outreach

Justin Calbreath

Counselor, International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator

Francisco Calvo

Performing Arts Department Chair, Choir and Handbells Teacher

Thea Campbell

Special Assistant to the AP of Athletics

Nicholas Cappuccilli

Spanish Teacher

Robert Carskie

Contract Substitue, Football

Russell Carvalho

Science Teacher

Nicole Cestone

Song/Pom Team Coach

Raelyn Cheung-Sutton

Asst. Athletic Director of Athletic Operations

Susan Choi


Brian Cooper

Religion Department Chair, Teacher

Michael Cope

Science Teacher

Amanda Coronado

Director of Communications

George Cou

Spanish Teacher

Kim Cozean

Math Teacher

Christa Crafts

Director of College Relations

Christina Craig-San Vicente

Theatre Technical Director, Master Carpenter and Theatre Production Class Instructor

Karen Crede

Science Department Chair and Teacher

Rev. Mark Cruz AM


Ricardo Cuadra

Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach

Cindy Cunha

International Baccalaureate (IB) Secretary

Suzie Cutter

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Secretary

Katy Daly

Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Health Teacher, Social Studies Teacher

Sammer Darwazeh

Vice President, Security and Activities

Justin DeBlasio

Boys Head Volleyball Coach

Craig DeBusk

Head Girls Basketball Coach, Health Teacher

Mariano DeFilippo

Boys Basketball Program Director and Freshman Coach, Contract Substitute Teacher
School: 0

Clara DeLain

ETV Production Assistant

Florence Delfolie

French Teacher

Bruce Dickey

Social Studies Teacher

Alan Dolensky

Math Teacher, Varsity Assistant Coach

Craig Donahue

Social Studies/IB Business Management Teacher, Advisor for CSF, FBLA, and Eagles Edge Club, Boys Assistant Basketball and Golf Coach

Cheryl Dopudja

Registrar and College Counseling Secretary

Andrew Downey

Math Teacher

Amanda Duncan

Percussion Teacher

Raymond Dunne

AP US Government Teacher, Principal

Hazel Dyer

Spanish Teacher

David Espinoza

Broadcast Journalism Teacher

Lori Evers

Executive Assistant to the President

Mario Felix


Jaclyn Fields

Visual Arts Teacher

Richard Fisher

Head Football Coach
School: 0

John Fitzpatrick

Associate Dean of Students, Head Girls Softball Coach

Bruce Fleming

English Teacher, AP/IB Teacher, Specialist

Tessa Fleming

Social Studies Chairperson, Social Studies Teacher

Alyssa Flynn


Michelle Ford

Social Studies Teacher

Melissa Fosdick

Dean's Office - Attendance and Discipline

Gary Fox

Math Teacher

Bianca France

English Teacher

Joy Francis

Admission's Secretary

Wade Fraser

Assistant Athletic Director, Strength and Conditioning Assistant, Director of Boys Soccer

Agnes Freeman

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Teacher, Math Teacher

Cindee Fullerton

Payroll Manager

Carol Gabbert

Director of Campus Store

Martin Gahan

Math Teacher

Edward Galvez

Spanish Teacher

Elaine Gale Galvez

Social Studies Teacher

Gilbert Garcia

Spanish Teacher, Head Coach Cross Country, Head Coach Girls Track and Field

Vince Garcia

Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Facilities & Head Strength & Conditioning

Raul Rudy Gardea

Visual Arts Teacher

Annie Garrett

Athletic Director

Doris Gatfield

Math Teacher, Interdisciplinary Program Coordinator

Thomas Gerlach

World Languages Department Chair, Latin/Greek Teacher

Carly Gordon

Science Teacher

Wendy Graen

Accounts Payable Coordinator
School: 9497666000

Charlotte Gutierrez

Spanish Teacher

Adam Guy

Head Boys Lacrosse Coach

Amir Hadis

Information Technology (IT) Technician

Kevin Hagan

Information Technology (IT) Technician

Jason Hale


Kristyne Hanberg

Science Teacher

Nancy Harrell

Visual Arts Community Outreach Coordinator

Diana Harris

Facilities Program Manager

Monique Harrison

Teacher Mentor, Math Teacher

Jim Hartigan

Assistant Principal - Athletics

Catherine Hassen

Principal's Secretary

John Hayek

Assistant Principal of Faculty and Instruction

Jill Hegna

Associate Dean of Students, Girls Varsity Golf Coach

Paul Higgins

Director of Broadcasting/Journalism Teacher

David Hirschman

Math Teacher, Boys Tennis Coach

Jerry Holloway

Dean of Students, Director of Campus Safety and Security

Kim Howard

Student Services Secretary

Jocelyn Huang

Chinese Teacher

Isaac Huerta

Science Teacher

Susi Hughes

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Part-Time Testing Room Coordinator, International Baccalaureate (IB) Part-Time Secretary

John Jaksa

Transportation and Campus Usage Coordinator

Ashlyn James

Social Studies Teacher

Elissa Ji

Digital Content Specialist

Brian Justice

History Teacher, Social Studies Teacher

Arielle Kalina

Dance Teacher

Nancy Keane

English Teacher

Laura Kiely

Economics Teacher, Social Studies Teacher

Joshua King

Information Technology (IT) Senior Systems Engineer

Mary Ellen King

World Languages - ASL Teacher

Michael Kingsbury

Athletic Trainer

Melissa Kohlmann

Math Teacher

Joseph Kreinsen

Contract Substitute Teacher, Football Offensive Line Coach

Jake Kremer

Math Teacher, Boys Soccer Coach

William Kuhl

Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach, Contract Substitute Teacher

Michael Kurras

ETV Studio Broadcast Engineer

Joanne Lado

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Director

Cameron Lamb


Jeremy Laster

Head Boys Water Polo Coach

Thomas Lau

Physics Teacher

Maricar Laudato

Director of Library Services

Jason Lawrence

Science Teacher, Robotics Director

Chase LeBlanc

Information Technology (IT) Technician

Jorge Ledezma

Religion Teacher

Michelle Lencioni

Vice President, CFO

Peter Leonard

Director of Information Technology (IT)

Sarah Lieske

Part-Time Sub Coordinator

Corey Lindabury

Visual Arts Teacher

Randy Loh

SM Ice Hockey content manager

Randy Lopez

Religion Teacher

Amy Luskey Barth

Director of Theater Arts

Hector Macias

Bus Driver and Custodian

Teresa Maihen

Library Assistant

Caitlin Malec

Part-Time English Teacher

Chris Malec

Head Varsity Baseball Coach

Mary Manese

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Director

Maureen McAndrews

Communications Coordinator

Roza McCartan

Academics Secretary

Katie McCurdy

Director of Advancement Operations & Special Events

Scott McIntosh

Social Studies Teacher

Richie Medina

Information Technology (IT) Technician

Samuel Medina

Facilities Night Supervisor

Annette Melosini

Performing Arts Manager

Seth Melton

Social Studies Teacher

Jose Mendoza


Leo Mendoza

Religion Teacher

Callie Mitchell

Math Teacher

Pat Mollica

Director of Human Resources

Chuck Morales

Girls Soccer Coach, Boys Golf Coach

Ramon Morales

Spanish Teacher

Victor Morales


Anne Marie Morgenstern

Long-Term English Sub

Sergio Muniz

Vice President

Todd Naylor

Visual Arts Teacher

John Neville

Head Cheer Coach

Linda Nguyen

Science Teacher

Therese Nienhuis

Office Manager for Attendance and Dean's Office

Ann Nunes

Religion Teacher

Blake Oldfield

School Psychologist

Michael Omlin

Religion Teacher

Maxwell Onyegbule

Director of Football Operations

Tina O'Rourke

Part-Time Testing Room Coordinator

Sergio Ortiz


Mary Palkovic

Math Teacher

Chris Paquette

English Teacher

Michael Pascual

Religion Teacher

Mary Ellen Piscopo

Cash Receipts and Credit Card Coordinator

Cindy Pizzurro

Front Office Manager

Kayley Podruski

Counseling Assistant

Caitlan Rangel

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, Christian Services

Ian Rangel

Director of Alumni Relations and Stewardship

Jeff Reinert

International Students Coordinator, Head Boys Basketball Coach

John Remmell

Director of Model United Nations (MUN), Social Studies Teacher

Dana Reyes


Christina Rising

Visual Arts Teacher

Jose-Luis Rivas

Bus Transportation

Paul Rockwood

Director of Facilities Management

Jordan Rodriguez

Advancement Assistant

Anthony Rouzier

Football Linebacker Coach, ASP Teacher

Mandie Rowell

Football Secretary, Pole Vault Coach

Liliana Ruiz

Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) Teacher

William Rutherford

Science Teacher

Cathleen Sanchez

Long-Term Religion Sub

Alicia Sayles

Assistant Campus Supervisor

Steven Schaub

Technology Systems Engineer

Pam Schuler

Food Services

Megan Shaffer

Religion Teacher

James Silberstein

English Teacher

Pellegrino Sirignano


Wendy Skuse

Theatre Arts Teacher

Juliet Smith

Library Clerk & Copy Center Technician

Tom Smith

Assistant Principal of Student Services

Pablo Solis


Craig Springer

Day Supervisor

Dominic Stashik


Samantha Stephenson

Religion Teacher

Caitlin Stutzke

Assistant Coordinator of Christian Service

Andy Sulick


Joseph Swoboda

Religion Substitute

Marci Teah

Parent Liaison

Tyler Ternes

Math Teacher, JV Basketball Head Coach

Tammy Thilken

English Teacher

Kathryn Thomas

English Teacher

Cory Thomson

Part-Time Campus Supervisor

Pedro Tlaseca


Juliana Treadway

Senior Accountant/Analysist

Daniel Trotter

English Teacher

Joseph Truong


Candice Tupajic

Science Teacher

Rhonda Ury

Assistant Admissions Director

Mark Van Ness

Science Teacher, National Honor Society (NHS) Advisor

Jeffrey VanderWilt

Religion Teacher

Anthony Vazquez


Christine Veilleux

French Teacher, AP Psychology Teacher

Juan (Ace) Ventura

Head Campus Supervisor

Patrick Visconti

Director of Campus Ministry

Lisa Volpo

Registered Nurse

Brian Weathersby

Head Girls Water Polo Coach

Michael Whang

Director of Instrumental Music

Scott Wigglesworth

Wrestling Coach

Douglas Williams

Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Director of Physical Education, Compliance, Director of Tennis

Kevin Willis


Chris Winn


John Wood

Religion Teacher

Rebecca Wood

Registered Nurse

Sandra Wood

Religion Teacher

Mary Woods

English Teacher and Yearbook Advisor