Club Spotlight: Dressember

The Dressember club spreads awareness and raises money for the rescue, rehabilitation and recovery of human trafficking victims. Female club members wear dresses while males wear “ties for guys” throughout December to spark conversation about human trafficking. Human trafficking is known as modern-day slavery. There are approximately 50,000 people trafficked each year and California has one of the highest number of reportings.

The club was started by Natalia von Gierke '21 last year. She had participated in Dressember the prior year, and wanted to bring the conversation to SM’s campus. Members wore dresses on free-dress school days and were able to address serious trafficking topics with students and teachers. Dressember’s philosophy is to raise money and awareness for human trafficking, educating the public and making a difference by wearing dresses in December. The club now has 26 members.

This club tries to make people feel welcome by letting anyone participate and providing many resources for newcomers.The club is always striving to find new fundraising methods throughout the year. In December, the club surpassed its fundraising goal and raised over $7,000.