Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Recipients

The school sincerely thanks the benefactors of these scholarships and congratulates the recipients listed below: 

The Richard Hunsaker Scholarship
Presenter: Michelle Ptak
Recipients: Sara Morrissey and Meagan Rowlett

The Christopher Cvengros ’98 Memorial Scholarship
Presenter: Monique Hastings
Recipients: Caitlin Cague, Domenico Ferrara, Megan Pearce and Jessica Shaw

The Redwitz Family Scholarship
Presenter: Chad Redwitz
Recipients: Allysa Alvidera, Briana Emerson and Joseph Romo

The Jack Meehan ’04 Memorial Football Scholarship
Presenter: Sergio Muniz
Recipient: Joseph Becerra

The C.J. Hubbard ’01 Memorial Scholarship
Presenter: Clint Hubbard
Recipient: Ryan Hallisy

The Ted Prenovost Good Guy Scholarship
Presenter: Annette Crotty
Recipient: Jason Schillig

Eagles Giving to Eagles
Presenter: Ian Rangel
Recipients: Hannah Agbayani and Evelyn Driscoll

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Scholarship
Presenter: Laurie Beach
Recipients: Genevie Guzman, Jennie Maldonado and Jennifer Quinteros

The Michael J. Pellizzon ’05 Memorial Scholarship
Presenter: Peter Pellizzon
Recipients: Liz Mizejewski, Selah Robins, Ethan Strunk and Olivia West

The Mohammad Vali Ghahreman Memorial Scholarship
Presenter: Chef Azmin Ghahreman
Recipients: Cole Engleman, and Riley Gomez

The Ryan David Zalta ’92 Memorial Scholarship
Presenters: Ed and Carol Zalta, J. Andrew Sulick
Recipient: Lauren Polusky

The Sperry Family Foundation Scholarship
Presenter: Laurie Beach
Recipients: Erin Friestedt and Milan Tolentino

The Grandparents Club Scholarship
Presenter: Mary Sullivan
Recipient: Reagan Marks

The Nicholas David Kraus Memorial Scholarship
Presenter: Francisco Calvo
Recipient: Nicholas Ortiz

The Martinez Family
Talon Theatre Talent Development Scholarship

Presenter: Amy Barth
Recipients: Remy Beauchamp, Briana Emerson, Natalie Mitchell and Garrett Webb

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