Engineering and Business Come Together on Robotics Team


There is just over one week left for SMBLY REQUIRED to launch our brand new robot for the 2019 FRC game DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE. The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) sub-team is working hard to make final changes on designs, the programming sub-team is strategizing the team's game plan for the "Sandstorm" (first fifteen seconds of the game), and the machining sub-team is busy in The Robox manufacturing robot parts using a variety of tools and materials. But, SMBLY REQUIRED is not just about engineering. The team's business sub-group is currently working on a formal business plan with help from parent mentors, which includes outreach, marketing, fundraising, implementation, sustainability, and the team's long and short term goals. With both engineering and business sub-groups working non-stop during the six week “build season,” SMBLY REQUIRED will be ready to fuel the mission at the upcoming FRC competition here in Orange County from Feb. 28- March 2. Check out the FIRSTOC  link for an event schedule and the DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE game challenge video. Also, follow our team on Instagram at smblyrequired5805.

SMBLY REQUIRED would like to thank APPLIED MEDICAL, SMCHS MOTHER'S CLUB, BOEING, SOLIDWORKS, EXACT, and FREEDOM NATIONAL INSURANCE for their generous sponsorships and support of our 2018-19 robotics season. Please contact Mr. Jason Lawrence at lawrencej@smhs.org for any information regarding SMCHS Robotics Team.