Love is in the Air

Eagle Outreach spread the love by making valentines for homeless children in Orange County through the organization Project Hope Alliance. Club members provided the supplies and assembled boxes that included masks, toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, gum, first aid kits, candy, toys, stuffed animals and other treats.

The club donated 102 boxes to Project Hope Alliance. “I think that with all the chaos going on in the world, we get distracted and forget about what we can do to help our own communities, where in reality they need help more than ever this year,” said Disha Surana ‘22.

Eagle Outreach is a club that dedicates its resources to a different organization each quarter. At the monthly meetings, members present ideas and vote for which cause the club will focus on next. The club has 90 members, and most of the members participated in the activity. Isabella Longhi '21, Sofia Balanay '22, Ashley Prentice '22 and Disha Surana '22 loaded boxes from Campus Ministry into a car and delivered them to Costa Mesa at Project Hope Alliance.

Eagle Outreach members, from left to right: Balanay, Longhi, Surana and Prentice.