Mai Griffith '19 Receives Points of Light Award

Mai Griffith ‘19 was honored recently by receiving the Points of Light Award for her volunteer work with her foundation, Hearts for Hearts, a nonprofit foundation that collects medical supplies and delivers them to developing countries in need. Points of Light is an international non-profit foundation started by President George H. W. Bush while he was in office to recognize youth stepping up to create meaningful change in the world. 

Mai is officially #6336 Point of Light! She certainly did not start her foundation for the recognition, but feels blessed and is so grateful for the honor. As far as Mai is concerned, if this helps bring more awareness to the needs of people in developing countries, then it's a success for everyone. To read more, click here.

Mai spent last summer in Ghana delivering medical supplies and volunteering in poverty stricken and developing areas. This past summer, she volunteered and interned in Colombo, Sri Lanka where she donated thousands of dollars in medical supplies including supplies donated by the SM community through a schoolwide drive. Mai regularly ships donated medical supplies to Ghana, Sri Lanka and Nigeria to those in need from her Hearts for Hearts Foundation.