Prudential Spirit of Community Distinguished Finalist

Jack Henry Kluter-Kruse ‘21 has been named a finalist in the 2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for outstanding volunteer work. Kluter-Kruse was chosen by state-level judges as one of the top state runners-up in this year’s program. 

After his younger sister was born with a life-threatening brain condition called Hydrocephalus Kluter-Kruse started fundraisers called “Trick or Treat 4 Hydro” and “Dare & Donate 2 Hydro.” He began making presentations at schools to educate students about hydrocephalus and coached others about “filling each other's buckets" promoting the importance of building others up and looking around to see who needed help.

He helped raise over $200,000 to help find a cure for Hydrocephalus. All of the donations go to the research fund at the Hydrocephalus Foundation. From nasal spray, to smart shunts that can monitor brain pressure to a possible way to treat hydro with medicine instead of surgery, research is underway.

One year, he created a huge check that had "$100,000" on it and brought it to school presentations. “I told the kids that they were the reason we'd raised so much money and I will never forget the expressions on their faces. I saw pride, joy and a sense of accomplishment,” said Kluter-Kruse.