Build season is nearly over! Only about a week left of the dedicated build season is left and progress on the robot is still going well. Very recently, the shooter mechanism for this year’s robot was finished. Testing started on Thursday, and initial tests look good. With a range of about 40-ish feet, depending on the angle, our robot will have no difficulties reaching the target. Alongside the shooter, the turret mechanism has been undergoing numerous tests to ensure that it can follow the target no matter our location on the field. The two systems together should ensure that our robot never misses its mark during the match and hopefully eliminate time spent lining up our shots. Testing is still required on both systems; the shooter seems to be so powerful that it’s shaking itself apart, and the turret needs more programming and fine tuning. The team is working hard to finish the systems and is expecting that both systems will be finished with enough time for practice with the fully assembled robot. The climbing mechanisms, both the winch and the elevator, have also begun to be manufactured, with several parts already being completed and gearboxes being worked on. The elevator has been thoroughly prototyped, and as soon as assembly is complete, final programming and testing will begin to ensure that everything is working properly.
While the team has been wholeheartedly focused on designing and manufacturing the components of the robot, the team has also put a greater emphasis on drive practice with the assembled drivebase. Team members have been testing their skills in controlling the robot as well as spotting any issues with the drivebase that may arise that could be tweaked. All is going well, with only a small issue with the wheels needing to be fixed.
Finally, the team is continuing to work on the business oriented side of requirements. Team members are responsible for searching for sponsorships, managing purchases and budgets, and creating personalized advertising. As a result, the business team of SMbly Required has had its hands full, and with filming and editing for the chairman’s video beginning next week, it will only get busier. The chairman’s video is a sort of promotional/informative video that dives into how the team's work as well as outreach methods and unique opportunities that teams present. As SMbly Required begins to focus more on the business aspect of robotics, we are attempting to come up with more outreach opportunities and increasing the production quality of Chairman’s video.
There’s only a few weeks left until our first competition, so as we count down the days until March 5, SMbly Required will continue to work hard to ensure the greatest season possible.

Submitted by SMbly Required team member Angela Zhang '20  

For more information about this year's FRC game, INFINITE RECHARGE, check out the FIRSTInspires website and the game release video here. Follow @SMblyRequired5805 on Instagram and @SMblyRequired on Twitter to stay updated of the team's progress!

SMBLY REQUIRED would like to thank APPLIED MEDICAL, SMCHS MOTHER'S CLUB, and SOLIDWORKS for their generous sponsorships and support. Please contact the team at robotics@smhs.org for any information regarding SMCHS Robotics Team.