SM Students Work on ESPN2 Summer TV Special

SM’s very own broadcasting and journalism teacher, Paul Higgins, is the owner and president of Athletes in Motion Sports Television, Inc. It has been a catalyst for the thousands of sports programs.

In his latest project, SM broadcast students had the opportunity to be a part of the production team of the viral-video inspired by a Japanese game show phenomenon called, "Slippery Stairs." For the first time ever, Athletes in Motion Sports Television has brought this fun game show to the United States. Watch all the slipping and sliding on Wednesday, August 7 on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time! Check out their teaser below.

Congratulations to all these talented students that worked on the show:

Gracie DeSantis - Production Assistant  (SM Class of 2020)

John Grayson - Emcee of the Live Event  (SM Class of 2019)

Mackenzie Higgins - Camera Operator  (SM Class of 2021)

Preston Higgins - Associate Producer (Contestants) and Contestant (Class of 2019)

Gianna Memo - Production Assistant & Crowd Camera Operator (Class of 2019)

Lea Sakakine - Production Assistant/ Slippery Stairs Event Girl  (Class of 2020)



Written by: Natalia Ruiz '19