SMbly Required is Packing for Houston and the FIRST Robotics World Championshps

SMBLY REQUIRED is gearing up for the FIRST Robotics World Championships in Houston, Texas on April 17-20! The team is ready to rock once again in Houston next week, as this will be the team's second year going to Houston for Championships. As a young but ambitious team, SMBLY REQUIRED has managed to be qualified to World Championship for three out of the four years of the team's existence. This honorable qualification has been earned by the team through outstanding performances at tournaments. This year, as the FRC Orange County Regional Finalist, the team has earned a wildcard slot to bring their robot, Saint Raymond (named in honor of Principal Raymond Dunne), to this international competition. The team will join high school students from over 400 teams from all over the world to compete in the FIRST LAUNCH Challenge to reach DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, this year's FRC game. 
SMBLY REQUIRED is fired up for this prestigious event and is working hard on every detail to ensure a successful turnout. The engineering sub-team is working on computer-aided designing, fabricating, and assembling new systems to replace the robot's old mechanisms. The business sub-team is working on designing business cards, team brochures, outreach pamphlets, and pins as giveaways to promote and advertise the team at the Championships. With the efforts of both sub-teams, SMBLY REQUIRED is ready to launch in Houston! Best of luck, Eagles!


For more information about the team, check out SMBLY REQUIRED on Twitter @SMblyRequired and on Instagram @SMblyRequired5805 and stay updated.
SMBLY REQUIRED would like to thank APPLIED MEDICAL, SMCHS MOTHER'S CLUB, BOEING, SOLIDWORKS, EXACT, and FREEDOM NATIONAL INSURANCE for their generous sponsorships and support of our 2018-19 robotics season. Please contact Mr. Jason Lawrence at lawrencej@smhs.org for any information regarding SMCHS Robotics Team.