SMCHS Selected as Microsoft Showcase School






For the seventh consecutive year, Santa Margarita Catholic High School has been named a Microsoft Showcase School. SMCHS has joined the ranks as one of only 39 schools in the United States and 325 schools worldwide with the title. These schools are led by educators who recognize the power of technology in unleashing students’ potential.

Seven SMCHS educators have been recognized as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts. These educators have a proven record of successfully using creative instructional methods in reaching their students, all through the effective use of Microsoft tools.

Caitlin Malec, 4th year

Candace Tupajic, 1st year

Carly Gordon, 2nd year

John Remmell, 1st year

Maria Johnson, 7th year

Monique Harrison, 4th year

Scott Bricker, 7th year

Through an extensive application process, Showcase Schools must exemplify leadership in leveraging digital technology, deliver professional development for staff to effectively integrate digital learning, thoughtfully integrate a digital education across the curriculum with a focus on personalized learning and utilize Microsoft technologies among other criteria. Schools are recognized for creating immersive and inclusive educational experiences that inspire lifelong learning and stimulate the development of essential life skills, empowering students to achieve more.

“The coolest “ed-tech tool” I used last year was Flipgrid. When I took 10th grade Model United Nations (MUN) students to a conference in Berkeley, I had them complete a Flipgrid scavenger hunt of the campus. I embedded myself in one of the student teams to see how they would do and to see what the experience was like. . . . I have also made use of OneNote Notebooks to prepare my students for a conference in London over the summer. The students would work on research notebooks. I was able to monitor, assist and provide feedback virtually without ruining my students’ summer vacation too much,” said John Remmell, Social Studies Teacher and Model UN Director.

Science Teacher, Carly Gordon said, “As an MIEE, I understand the importance of creating a positive virtual learning environment. One way I achieve this is by sending out weekly surveys using Microsoft Forms that focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of my students. I respond to the survey questions to the whole class, and where appropriate, I reach out to my students on a one-on-one basis”. 

The other three Showcase Schools in California all visited SMCHS before launching their Ed Tech program and subsequently applying for the program. “We are proud of how we’ve shared our journey with schools around our area and across the country,” said Scott Bricker, SMCHS Director of Educational Technology. SMCHS is paving the way in educational technology, improving the quality of education and enhancing the learning process.

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