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Students Work on ESPN Hit TV Show

Television production students gain invaluable experience.

Enjoy this short promo of SMCHS students involved in the production process and in front of the camera as contestants on the new television series called "The Slippery Stairs College Tour Show." The series is produced by SM's broadcast journalism teacher and Orange County sports TV producer Mr. Paul Higgins. "Slippery Stairs" is exactly what it sounds like – a game show where a bunch of people attempt to climb up stairs covered in slippery stuff. The show aired on ESPN Nov. 10.

The television show has provided invaluable real-world experience for SMCHS high school students to work on a major TV network while still in high school as broadcast journalism students. "As the producer of the show, I am very blessed to have had the opportunity of getting them (SMCHS students) involved," said Higgins.

The first "Slippery Stairs" show aired this summer to huge success with a number of SMCHS students working on the show. After the initial success of the show (an unexpected hit for ESPN) they approached Higgins to produce more. Filming for the third show will take place later this month in Arizona at the ASU versus UofA rival football game. Higgins has also been asked to produce "Slippery Stairs" shows at upcoming college football bowl games and later in the summer at the X Games.

"I look forward to presenting my students with more opportunities as I continue to teach them employable skills in high school," Higgins said. "This is an incredible achievement by these students and I'm really excited they are involved."

Below is a list of SMCHS students and alumni that worked on the show:

- Jacob Ashley '20 (Contestant)
- McKenna Bradley
- Mackenzie Higgins '21 (Camera Operator)
- Preston (P.J.) Higgins '19 (Jib Operator)
- Drake Mendicina '20 (Production Assistant)
- Natalie Mitchell '19 (Contestant) 
- Miranda Riley 
- Jacob Rossi '20 (Production Assistant)
- Carla Sanz '20 (Production Assistant)
- Julia Swanson
- Lilly Scannell '20 (Contestant)