Changing Instructional Programs After March 1

Instructional Options Beginning March 1

Beginning Monday, March 1, SMCHS will offer families two options for instruction.

Option 1 – “Transitional Block” – Four days of on-campus classroom instruction with one day of virtual instruction.
View the schedules for transitional block. Each day’s specific schedule will be posted on the website at www.smhs.org/bellschedule and the app.

Option 2 - Full Virtual – Distance learning via our globally-recognized Microsoft on-to-one tablet PC program
If you have not already done so, please click here to access the Microsoft Form and select which option is best for your child.

We want families to be comfortable with their instruction program choice, so there will be a two-week grace period from March 1 to March 14. During the grace period, families may adjust their student’s instruction program if they find that they desire a change.

After March 14, requests for students to move from in-person instruction to the full virtual program will only be permitted if:

  • The student needs to quarantine due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure (the student will be moved to the full virtual program until they are cleared to return to in-person instruction).
  • The student travels beyond California’s current travel restriction guidelines. (The student will be moved to the full virtual program until they are cleared to return to in-person instruction – 10 days after returning).
  • The family has relatives visiting and, for safety reasons, requests that their student be virtual during that time.

Students should feel well enough to participate in all classroom activities when coming to school. If he/she is suffering from an active illness, they should stay home to protect other students and staff from possible disease transmission. If the student is to be absent, a parent or legal guardian must call the Attendance Office before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the absence (949-766-6020). Although an absent student may log-in to their classes virtually, their attendance will still be marked as an absence.


  • We want everyone’s return to campus to be a positive experience.
  • If your student is returning after being virtual for a while, we suggest that you spend a moment reviewing the dress code.
  • Check your student’s school uniform to make sure it still fits; a haircut may be in order for some guys.
  • Expect it to take a little more time to get to class in the morning. With more students returning to campus, it may take some more time to find a parking spot or drop off a student; and temperature check lines will be a little longer. The student drop-off and parking map can be found here.
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