The Well-Balanced Student On-Demand Webinar

Challenge Success partners with schools, families and communities to embrace a broad definition of success and to implement research-based strategies that promote student well-being and engagement with learning, Margaret Dunlap, Senior School Program Director at Challenge Success, Stanford University.
Santa Margarita Catholic High School is a proud partner of Challenge Success. Through this partnership, SMCHS is learning proven strategies for how to reduce academic stress without sacrificing achievement and, ultimately, how to increase academic engagement, resilience, creativity and well-being in our students. As school and extracurriculars continue on a path to full reopening, this webinar provides the opportunity to reconsider what "going back to normal" means for your family. The presentation challenges us to look at how a high-stakes, high-pressure culture can have unintentional and potentially damaging effects on our children. In this presentation, you'll learn how to establish a healthier and more intentional home environment as well as hear from SMCHS Principal Cheri Wood on ways SM is working to provide a healthy and supportive environment for our students.

Tips To Help Your Child Thrive

Protect Playtime, Downtime and Family Time

Avoid overscheduling. Children of all ages need restorative time to reflect and dream, and families need time to connect and build lasting bonds. Research shows PDF is critical for children’s well-being. Click here for more on this tip. 

Emphasize Learning, Not Grades

The pressure to achieve only high grades can lead to cheating, physical and emotional challenges, and other risky behaviors. 

Choose Your Words Carefully

If the first question you ask your child after school is "How'd you do on the test?" you are sending a message about your priorities. Instead, ask "How was your day?"

Let Your Children Do Their Own Work

Resist the urge to complete or correct homework. When you step in, it can actually undermine learning and confidence.

Prioritize Sleep

An extra hour of sleep is more valuable than an extra hour of studying. Sleep deprivation can be associated with depression and anxiety and can interfere with learning and engagement in school.

Create Technology-Free Spaces

When media devices are moved out of the bedroom, children sleep better and are more efficient with homework. Unplug during mealtimes and other family activities.

Challenge Success

Resist society’s narrow definition of success and embrace your child's unique interests and strengths. Don't allow concerns about college admissions to dictate your child's choices in and out of school.

Source: Challenge Success 

Click here to view the printable document for these tips. 

Thank you to the SMCHS Mothers Club for hosting this meaningful event! The Mothers Club is a great way for SM moms to develop relationships with other mothers, make new friends and enrich the lives of their children. If you are not a current club member, but wish to participate in future club social and educational opportunities, it’s not too late! Visit the Mothers Club website for information on joining this great club!


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