10 Benefits of Marching Band

#10 Marching band graces the resume of many who’s whos
Gwen Stefani , Alanis Morissette, Halle Berry, and Tina Fey all played flute in high school marching band. Clarinetists include Jimmy Kimmel, Julia Roberts, Sara Evans, Steven Spielberg and Gloria Estefan. Saxophone was the high school instrument of choice for Norah Jones, Jennifer Garner and Lionel Richie. Steven Tyler, Samuel L. Jackson and Kesha played trumpet, while Nelly Furtado chose trombone. And we doubt it’s merely coincidence that so many successful individuals played in marching band because…

#9 Marching band requires discipline and dedication.
To work strenuous hours through tough conditions instills a mental fortitude and ethic that will serve you throughout your life.

#8 Marching bands are the best ‘teams’ around.
Teamwork is a necessity when you’re part of a marching band, no one gets left behind. When you work hard together, each contribute your important part, and trust each other marching forwards, backwards and every-which-way, there’s a camaraderie unlike any other. Plus, you automatically have a whole bunch of friends to share the experience (and commiserate about the scratchy uniforms) with.

#7 Marching band may just make you smarter.
The neurological benefits of playing music are well documented.

#6 Marching band provides automatic exercise.
No need to hit the gym from July through mid-November. You’ll be marching mile after mile carrying anywhere from a 15 oz. piccolo to a 40 lb. snare drum, controlling your breathing the entire way.

#5 Marching band is a crash course in time management.
Balancing school, homework and practice can be quite the challenge. But again, this is a skill that you’ll appreciate more and more as you get older. As the saying goes “early is on time, on-time is late.”

#4 Marching band teaches you to grow from adversity.
You can’t win every competition or knock-em-dead at every show. So, you take critical feedback, be it from judges or your director, and use it as fuel to make yourself better next time around.

#3 Marching band directors are awesome people to know.
This may come as a shock, but most marching band directors aren’t in it for the money. The men and women who take on the task are some of the most dedicated educators around, and their love of music and learning is infectious. It’s no small feat to take 50 to 150 diverse students and turn them into a well-oiled marching machine (and make sure they sound good doing it).

#2 Marching bands make you a better all-around musician.
After playing in 100-degree heat while marching in formation, sitting in concert band, zipping through Tchaikovsky’s 1812 seems like a walk in the park.

#1 Marching band camp for life!
The hours are long, the weather dicey, the tan lines wicked… but there’s no other way you’d want to spend your summer. Plus, you’ve already made a whole bunch of friends to start the school year with.

Courtesy of www.musicnotes.com


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