Eagle Regiment Named California State Band Champions

Congratulations to Santa Margarita Catholic High School’s Eagle Regiment who took home the Division 1A State Championship title at the California State Band Championships held Nov. 20 at Newport Harbor High School.  

In 1A, the program swept the division with a score of 79.75. Along with winning the State Championship, Eagle Regiment also earned High Music, High Visual, High General Effect and High Auxiliary. Later in the day, the band competed in the Open Class tournament ending the season on a high note with their highest scoring show yet with a 82.8. Additionally, congratulations go out to Yang Lu ’23  on winning the Outstanding Soloist Award in Open Class.

March on Eagles, and carry this momentum for seasons to come! For more information about Eagle Regiment, email band@smhs.org. Follow Eagle Regiment on Instagram.

Watch Eagle Regiment's award-winning performance of "Detective" below. 


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