Wellness: Time to Hit the Beach!

The Diocese of Orange shares, tips to positive health effects by going to the beach! Click here to view their blog!

Ahhh, the beach! There’s nothing like the salty ocean breeze and the sound of the surf. Are you drawn to the beach? Do you feel relaxed and destressed after a day at the beach? You are not alone. There are numerous health effects, both physical and psychological, associated with spending time at the beach.

Stress relief
Serotonin, a hormone associated with relaxation and happiness, is released when you step out into the sun and hear the crashing waves. That’s why the sounds of the surf are often selected for sleep machines.

Better sleep
In addition to relieving stress and anxiety, the hormonal adjustments triggered by the sun and beach make it easier to fall into a deep sleep.

Get your dose of vitamin D
We get very little of the essential vitamin D from food. Just 10 minutes in the sun triggers the conversion of a pre-hormone in our skin to active vitamin D. Sun exposure a few times each week is enough. After that be sure to use sunscreen to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays.

Opportunities to exercise
Include some active time while you’re at the beach. Take your pick- volleyball, paddleball, playing with the kids, or just walking. Walking on the sand uses more muscles than walking on pavement, so you will get a better workout!

Connect with your spirit
The vastness of the ocean and endless horizon increases our appreciation of nature and God’s universe. Use the time for meditation or prayer.

Regardless of your reasons, be sure to take advantage of our proximity to the coast and head to the beach soon!


Questions? Or for confidential assistance or guidance on health-related questions or concerns, contact
Linda Gigliotti, MS, RDN, CDE, CSOWM
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