Talon Theatre's Phantom Named One of Macy's Best Shows of the Year

The 49th annual Spirit of the MACY Awards Show was held at Segerstrom Center for the Arts on Monday, April 29.  The MACY board judged forty-six schools and fifty-five musical productions.  Talon Theatre’s Phantom was named one of the top ten shows of the year, earning The Spirit of the Macy Award. Talon Theatre cast and crew were awarded fourteen individual MACY Awards:

Emily Freeborn '21 (Bright Spot), Laura Johnstone '20, Declan Edwards '21 and Alex Roges '20 (Special Recognition), Conrad Kistler '22 (Achievement), John Grayson '19, Emma Smith '19, Matthew Elniski '22 and Makena Horn '20 (Outstanding Achievement), and Katie Flores '19, Ella Lao '19, John Luke Polson '19, Brendan Reeves '20 and Brandon Schillig '19 (Highest Achievement.)

Phantom was directed by Amy Luskey-Barth in collaboration with Chris Winn, Musical Director; Randy Hills, Choreographer; Francisco Calvo, Conductor and Kyle Alcaino, Technical Director.



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