Counselors work collaboratively with students, parents
and teachers to provide academic, personal and college counseling.

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About Counseling

  • Meet with students to create a schedule that fits their educational goals and abilities
  • Explore career/college major options
  • EnsureUC/Cal State/NCAA eligibility/SMCHS graduation
  • Work as a liaison between the student and teacher
  • Support students who are not reaching their full academic potential
  • Provide a safe space for students to discuss personal concerns and provide referrals to outside personal counseling services as needed
  • Incorporate college counseling into standard academic counseling throughout a student's four years
  • Provide accessible information to students and parents about the college application and decision process as well as career opportunities
  • Facilitate practice tests so that students are well-prepared for college admission tests
  • Build strong relationships with college representatives throughout the country
  • Write letters of recommendation and provide all materials needed from SMCHS for college applications



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Personal Counseling


The Counseling Department at SMCHS provides services to all students that go beyond academic and college advising. Our counselors hold Masters in Counseling and counseling credentials, as well as specialized training in Youth Mental Health First Aid.
Academic pressures, relationship strains, self-esteem struggles, negative social media encounters, to name a few, can all be part of the high school experience. SM counselors are here to be a trusted adult presence in helping teens navigate through these various issues, and listening is what counselors do best. SM counselors are dedicated to informal check-in’s with students, being involved in crisis intervention, providing outside counseling referrals, collaborating with our SM school psychologist and teachers to best serve students’ individual needs, encouraging students to be self-advocates, and responding to urgent needs of all students. Teachers, parents, and friends can also help in identifying students that need help by notifying a counselor. The SM Counseling Department has an open-door policy. Students are welcome to come to the counselors with any questions or concerns that they might have throughout the school day.


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