2019-2020 College Workshop Series:

Parents and students of all grades are invited to attend these specialized workshops to learn unique and interesting aspects of the college admissions field. All workshops are held in the Science Lecture Hall (SLH) from 7:45 a.m.- 8:45 a.m.

Upcoming Workshop Topics

January 14

Summer Plans and Programs

What are some creative ways to spend the summer months? Use this time to grow academically, explore future careers, start or strengthen a hobby, seek employment, or try something new!

All grades welcome. 10th-11th grade recommended.

February 12


Naviance is software tool used to prepare for the college admissions process. Learn how to use College Match, build your prospective college list, research scholarships, explore potential majors and careers, and use all the resources available! Bring your tablet or a laptop and make sure you know your password for this interactive workshop!

All grades welcome. 9th-11th grade recommended.

March 2

Paying for College

Learn about financial aid, merit aid, and scholarships. There are ways you can maximize your money through 4+1 programs, inexpensive colleges, scholarship research, and unique strategies.

All grades welcome. 9th-11th grade recommended.

April 28

Unique College Programs

We will explore different programs, international opportunities, and off the beaten path possibilities in the path of higher education.

All grades welcome. 10th-11th grade recommended.

Past Workshop Topics

August 20

Selective College Application Workshop

If you are a senior and applying to a highly selective college, don't miss this workshop!

Specific admission strategies and the most current advice and updates for particular schools will be presented. 10th/11th students and parents are welcome to preview admissions strategies.

September 24

Demonstrated Interest, Attending a College Fair, and Communicating with College Admissions Officers

This workshop focuses on tips to make attending a college fair productive and efficient. Learn about interacting with college admissions counselors and how the concept of "demonstrated interest" is used in the admissions process.

All grades welcome. 10th-12th recommended.

October 22

High School Skills

Learn about the resources available to build resilience, grit and perserverance in achieving your goals. Asking for help is part of the process of individual problem solving. Get an overview of what you can do to manage time, set goals, seek academic guidance, and explore extra curricular options.

All grades welcome. 9th-10th recommended.

November 4

Testing 101

The world of college standardized testing can be overwhelming. Get all of your questions about the ACT, the SAT, test optional schools, and test prep answered!

All grades welcome. 9th-11th recommended.