College Scholarships and Contests

SM has compiled a comprehensive list of college scholarships and contest opportunities for our students.
We are constantly updating, adding, and revising this list. If you have an opportunity to be added or updated,
please email collegecounselors@smhs.org.

Jan-May Deadlines:12th Grade -Class of 2022, 11th Grade -Class of 2023, 10th Grade  -Class of 2024, 9th Grade -Class of 2025
June-July Deadlines:12th Grade GRAD-Class of 2022, 12th Grade-Class of 2023, 11th Grade-Class of 2024, 10th Grade-Class of 2025, 9th Grade-Class of 2026
August-December Deadlines: 12th Grade -Class of 2023, 11th Grade -Class of 2024, 10th Grade-Class of 2025, 9th Grade -Class of 2026

June Deadlines

July Deadlines

August Deadlines

September Deadlines

October Deadlines

December Deadlines