During the fall, colleges and universities will register for a 55 minute visit during the school day, giving our students an opportunity to learn about the academic programs, scholarships, and unique aspects of a wide variety of schools located in-state, nationally, and internationally. The college admissions giving the presentation is often the application reader and reviewer for our SM students. Juniors and seniors are invited to attend 10 visits each year.


Weeks of 11/4-11/15

  • University of Tennessee
  • Colorado State University
  • Union College (New York)
  • Seton Hall
  • Saint Louis University
  • American University
  • The University of Arizona
  • Drake University
  • Franklin University Switzerland
  • Miami University, Oxford
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • University of New Mexico

SM College Representative Visit Procedure for Students

College Rep Visit Procedure for Students


  • Frequently check the visit schedule that is listed in the "Colleges" section of your Naviance account. The schedule changes daily so make sure to keep checking throughout the fall.
  • Sign up for visits (10 max) at least 48 hours in advance in Naviance. Make note of when and where the visit will take place.
  • Acquire the College Visit Request Form (located in the Counseling office). Fill out the required information and have your teacher sign it 48 hours before the visit is to take place. Do NOT run into your teacher's classroom right before the visit and ask if you can attend.
  • If you can't miss class, you can stop by before or after the visit and briefly meet the college representative OR send an email letting them know you are interested in the college and could not attend the visit. They can leave materials for you in the counseling office or the library.
  • Place the signed College Visit Request Form in a safe place and again, make note of the date, time and location of the visit.
  • When the visit arrives, report directly to the visit location and NOT to your classroom. Present the signed form at the visit check in.
  • Please make sure to follow up with your teacher on work that was missed as it is your responsibility to have this discussion with your teacher. You are not excused from the work for that day.

What should I do during a college visit?

A college visit gives our students the opportunity to learn more about particular schools, gain specific admissions information, and meet face-to-face with a college admissions counselor to ask questions.

Prior to the College Visit

  • Go online and research the college. Jot down some general notes about the school and any questions you may have to ask the representative.
  • Make sure to bring those questions with you to the visit. It is not necessary to bring your transcript or resume to the visit but do come prepared to asked questions.
  • Arrive on time and in proper uniform. First impressions are lasting impressions and you want to always put your best foot forward.

During the College Visit

  • During the presentation, ask a question and be attentive.
  • Make sure to fill out the registration form from the college.
  • Here is a link to sample questions you may want to ask....... 20 Questions
  • Introduce yourself, say thank you, shake their hand, and take their business card.

After the College Visit

  • Email the representative (you must make sure to get their contact information during the visit) and thank them for their time. If you have additional questions about the campus or the application process you may ask at this time but keep the email short and sweet and to the point.
  • Follow up with your SM counselor with any questions about the visit or the school as well. Make sure you have the college in your Naviance lists (either “Thinking About” or “Applying To”) if you are seriously considering the school.

If you cannot attend the visit and would like to meet the admissions contact and get information, stop by before or after the visit to introduce yourself. Or, you can follow up with an email.

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