How to Spend Your SUmmer

Summer is the perfect time to explore hobbies, academic interests,

internships, volunteer opportunities, get a job, and attend college programs.  


Summer Programs

Create Your Own Summer Program or Unique Plans! Keep a journal, blog, vlog or instagram account to track your progress and record what you have learned.


Here is a list of ideas to start with:


  • Summer Job - you can't lose with this option! You earn money, build character, and learn skills! Apply for jobs at the movie theatre, hotels, fast food, day camp, grocery store, pizza delivery and more!
  • Take a local college class at a university or community college!
  • Create a list of books and read!
  • Work in your local church or parish or the OC Diocese in a variety of areas (retreats, youth, outreach, business, communications)
  • Volunteer with any local organization
  • If you love animals - volunteer/work at a local farm, petting zoo, vet, animal hospital or pet store
  • Take art classes (especially for those who think they are not "artistic"). Learn a new skill or learn what it is like to be the "worst artist" in the class!
  • Build trails or help with maintenance or programs at a local county/city park/campground or a nature preserve
  • Learn to garden! Plant a vegetable, herb or flower garden. You may end up learning how to build a fence, irrigating, using pesticides, organic solutions, and more. Perfect problem solving project for future engineers!
  • Take home improvement classes at Lowes/Home Depot and complete a project (crown molding, sprinkler systems, shiplap, tile, fences)
  • Train/compete in an athletic event - 5k, ironman, bike race or marathon
  • Become a certified EMT (great for students interested in going into the medical field)
  • Work at the Dana Point Harbor - fishing, whale watching, seafood industry, boating)
  • Take an auto mechanic class (again, great for potential engineering students)
  • Be a "tourist" in Orange County and write reviews about each point of interest
  • Take a social media marketing class
  • Pray consistently and regularly. Download one of the hundreds of prayer apps on your phone to help stay on track.
  • Learn to cook and make dinner for your family each night
  • Watch a foreign film from 50 different countries and keep a journal
  • Conquer a fear........
  • Visit your grandparents regularly and help them. Or play games/read books at a senior living home.
  • Hike all the local trails in a ________radius of your home
  • Participate in a historical reenactment event (Civil War, Revolutionary War, Mountain Men, etc)
  • Comparative Religion - attend a religious service at 10 different churches/temples/synagogues/mosques
  • Create a science project and research!
  • Set a goal that you are 99% sure you won't achieve and then try it! Learn how to fail....
  • Watch the show "The Art of Tidying Up" or read the book and get rid of "stuff." Use your new skill to help friends and family members.
  • Binge watch Ted Talks - select a theme or watch variety of topics. Maybe apply to give your own Ted Talk....
  • Interested in business? Read books about business culture: 4 Day Work Week, The Lean Start Up, The Power of Habit and More! Read any book by Malcolm Gladwell to be inspired!
  • Is there something you know well and you could teach? Create your own online course https://teachable.com/
  • Do ANYTHING You LOVE to Do.....track it, write about it, film it, learn from it and ENJOY!