Santa Margarita’s Theology Department supports personal inquiry into the religious dimensions of human existence, centered on Catholic faith and Christ, to impart an understanding of Catholicism for all students and to foster a Catholic identity for our Catholic students.

In alignment with the directives of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, the religion curriculum at SMCHS is aligned with the Curriculum Framework for Secondary Education unanimously adopted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

The Theology Department seeks to:

  • Develop a commitment and/or an attraction to the teachings and values of Jesus.
  • Promote a critical understanding of the tenets of Catholic faith, of our sacramental nature, of the Sacred Scriptures and of Catholic social teaching.
  • Promote the application of the Catholic spiritual tradition to daily living and service of others and to ethical reflection on what it means to live a faithful life.
  • Develop a sensitivity to the religious thought, practices and moral systems of non-Catholic Christians and non-Christian faiths.

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