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*Please note: If you are off-campus, you will need a username and password to access information from different databases.*

*An email was sent out to all students on August 14, 2018 that contained an attached PDF of all usernames and passwords.*

*All log-in credentials are located either below or next to the icon the each database. Most are highlighted in yellow*

Please email library staff at deptoflibrary@smhs.org if you have further questions.

Can't find a best-selling or classic book that is not on the library shelves? If not, try accessing these titles in eBook or AudioBook format!

All library patrons have access to an extensive eBook and AudioBook collection that is regularly updated with new titles.

Contact the library staff at deptoflibrary@smhs.org or call 949-766-6070 if you require assistance with OverDrive.

Access OverDrive Here

About the Library Media Center

The Library Media Center maintains an extensive collection of electronic, print, and audiovisual resources that supports the total educational program of SMCHS. Students are welcome to use the library before school, during the 10-minute passing period, lunch, and after school. Students also have access to printing and copying services in the library media center.

All members of the SMCHS community (students, faculty, and staff) benefit from a comprehensive listing of different subject databases that meet various research needs. You will not need a password if you are trying to access our online databases on-campus. However, you will need the username and password to access these databases if you are off-campus. If you do not have these log-in credentials, please email deptoflibrary@smhs.org or call (949) 766-6070.

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Library Online Catalog

Students have access to a focused print and digital collection of resources that support the curricular needs of SMCHS. Students can locate these resources on the library's online catalog, Follett Destiny.

You can access Follett Destiny by clicking here.

Library Online Databases

Students have access to an extensive collection of over 25 subject specific databases that support the research needs of the SMCHS curriculum. There are 2 ways in which students can locate these online resources.

The easiest way to access the online databases is to enter in search terms in the "Discovery Service for SMCHS" search box seen near the top of this page.

If you do not know the passwords for the online databases, please email deptoflibrary@smhs.org or call (949)766-6070.

The second way to access the online databases is through the Learning Portal.

You can access the Learning Portal by clicking here.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to the Learning Portal
  2. Click on "Site Home"
  3. Under "Course Categories" click on "General Academics"
  4. Click on "Library"

Library Operating Hours for the 2019 Summer Session

Monday through Thursday:

7:00am to 3:30pm



July 18 (Thursday)


Library Operating Hours for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Monday through Friday:

7:00am to 4:00pm

Library Staff

Maricar Laudato

Titles: Director of Library Services
Phone Numbers:
School: 949-766-6068

Juliet Smith

Titles: Library Clerk & Copy Center Technician
Phone Numbers:
School: 949-766-6000