Remote Learning

As of March 18th, 2020, Santa Margarita Catholic High School has moved all classes to a Remote Learning environment where Students and Teachers are using our incredible online learning platform to continue with the 201-9-2020 school year to the best of our ability.

Below are some helpful links, tips, and resources to help our Parents and Students navigate this unprecedented time in Education and we hope it will keep us all on the same page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We would also like to remind Parents that they can login to any of the tools mentioned below with their Student's email address and password: For Teams, OneNote and Office 365, please go to www.office.com and for the Learning Portal please go to lp15.smhs.org.

What are Students and Teachers doing during REmote learning?

While every class, teacher and department are a little bit different, there are several things you will see across all classes over these weeks ahead:

Live Lectures

Teachers have the ability to meet with their students in a live, online setting through Microsoft Teams. Many teachers are doing this once or multiple times per week during their regularly scheduled class time. During these live Teams meetings, teachers can share their screen, lecture with OneNote, a Power Point, website or any other resource or tool just as they would in the classroom with a computer and projector. This is absolutely the closest thing to a face-to-face classroom environment we can possibly create. During these meetings, students can also ask questions in real time, have their cameras on to connect with their teachers & classmates, hold side chats about the lecture with their peers, and still take notes, as needed, by splitting the screen and using OneNote along with Teams. These meetings can also be recorded for students to watch later if they missed some key information during the session. 

Pre-Recorded Lectures and Tutorials

Teachers can create pre-record lectures using a variety of tools and then share the links to those videos through Teams, OneNote or the Learning Portal. Students can then watch those videos during class or on their own time, rewinding or pausing when necessary to help pace their learning. 

In this way, some teachers are also leveraging outside resources and videos from sites like Khan Academy, eBook resources, YouTube and many more. Educators across the country have been coming together to create and share all kinds of resources during this time, so there are a wealth of items our teachers can share with their students. 

Group and Independent Work

During remote learning, students will no doubt have a bit more time on their own to work on assignments, classwork/homework, study, etc. There may be days where only 1 or 2 of a Student's classes are meeting live so we encourage students and parents to consider and talk about appropriate time management. 

If they would like, students can use teams to create small group chats or even hole study sessions or meetings on their own to work with their classmates. This is a great way to do homework, study for exams, and also, maybe even more important, to stay connected with their peers. 

Student-Teacher Communication

We ask that Students check their email in Outlook at least a couple times per day to stay on top of all the latest information. Students will also receive information and announcements from Teachers in Teams, OneNote and/or the Learning Portal, as well, depending on the Teacher's preference. We encourage Students to make a list of how each Teacher communicates and posts information to keep themselves organized and on top of it. 

In particular, we would ask that Students follow the guidelines we sent out about checking their Group folder in their Outlook inbox for emails that may be sent out to an entire class. The Group folder can be found along the left hand side of the screen where all the folders are located, then scrolling down to the bottom. 

Our Learning PlatformMicrosoft Teams

Teams is the ultimate collaborative tool where teachers and students can interact through live meetings, group discussion boards, teacher-created assignments, and so much more. Teams not only allow teachers the ability to communicate with Students in those ways, but it also allows for sharing files, important due dates, creating small group discussion/interaction and truly provides an all in one learning environment. Every class on campus has a Team associated with it with all of the Students enrolled. Every Team also has a OneNote Class Notebook to help maximize organization and work flow success.

OneNote Class Notebooks

With OneNote, Students can organize all of their class materials including lecture notes, homework & classwork, essays, and pretty much everything they need for class. Teachers will often use OneNote to distribute pages to their Students which contain the assignment for the day and they can then grade that work later in real time, right there inside of OneNote. It is truly the ultimate digital three-ring binder and spiral notebook, all rolled into one. 

Office 365

Access to the Office 365 tools gives Students everything else they need to be the most efficient and organized version of themselves. They use OneDrive to save all files to a secure, backed-up folder system and they have access to Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook and all other tools in the Microsoft Office suite. 

Learning Portal

Our Learning Portal is a web-based bulletin board where Teachers can post messages, assignments, files and important due dates. Not every Teachers uses the Learning Portal but, in classes where it is used, Students typically download files, worksheets and assignments and print them to OneNote to complete the work. Students can also turn work in to the Learning Portal for Teachers to grade, take quizzes, connect to web resources and more,