Our Learning Platform


IMPORTANT NOTE: We would also like to remind Parents that they can login to any of the tools mentioned below with their Student's email address and password: For Teams, OneNote and Office 365, please go to www.office.com and for the Learning Portal please go to lp15.smhs.org.

Microsoft Teams


Teams is the ultimate collaborative tool where teachers and students can interact through live meetings, group discussion boards, teacher-created assignments, and so much more. Teams not only allow teachers the ability to communicate with Students in those ways, but it also allows for sharing files, important due dates, creating small group discussion/interaction and truly provides an all in one learning environment. Every class on campus has a Team associated with it with all of the Students enrolled. Every Team also has a OneNote Class Notebook to help maximize organization and work flow success.

OneNote Class Notebooks

With OneNote, Students can organize all of their class materials including lecture notes, homework & classwork, essays, and pretty much everything they need for class. Teachers will often use OneNote to distribute pages to their Students which contain the assignment for the day and they can then grade that work later in real time, right there inside of OneNote. It is truly the ultimate digital three-ring binder and spiral notebook, all rolled into one. 

Office 365

Access to the Office 365 tools gives Students everything else they need to be the most efficient and organized version of themselves. They use OneDrive to save all files to a secure, backed-up folder system and they have access to Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook and all other tools in the Microsoft Office suite. 

Learning Portal

Our Learning Portal is a web-based bulletin board where Teachers can post messages, assignments, files and important due dates. Not every Teachers uses the Learning Portal but, in classes where it is used, Students typically download files, worksheets and assignments and print them to OneNote to complete the work. Students can also turn work in to the Learning Portal for Teachers to grade, take quizzes, connect to web resources and more,