Tablet Distribution & Training

As a reminder, each incoming freshman and transfer student must attend one session to receive their Tablet PC along with training on essential aspects of our program.

The available session dates are as follows: 

July 18, 20, 25, 27 and August 1, 3.
NEW* - Make-up sessions added

August 7th, 8th  

You may select either a morning session from 8-10:30 am or an afternoon session from 12-2:30 pm on each of these days. 

Students are expected to be in attendance throughout the entire 2.5 hours of training. You will see these options listed during the registration process. Parents are not required to attend these sessions and may drop their students off up to 15 min before the start of the session and may return at the end of the session for pick-up.

To sign up for a session use our Tablet Distribution and Training Sign-up page (coming soon), begin by entering your student-issued username distributed at scheduling night and password. Follow the instructions to reserve a space at one of our sessions in July or August. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder approximately 24 hours before your session. 

Families who have multiple students enrolling in Santa Margarita will need to repeat the registration  process for each matriculating student.

If at any point you need to make changes to your registration, revisit the Tablet Distribution and Training Sign-up page, log in, and select a new date.


  • We will most likely not be able to accommodate walk-ups or same-day registration.
  • You may not reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time.
  • No-shows and cancellations cause a significant time burden on our IT staff and limit other students' access to training sessions.
  • Students with repeated late cancellations and no-shows forfeit the privilege to receive a tablet before the beginning of the school year.

Below are the details for incoming freshmen and transfer students to attend their mandatory training session this summer and pick up their tablet. Each student will register to attend one session.


  • Tuesday July 18
  • Thursday July 20
  • Tuesday July 25
  • Thursday July 27
  • Tuesday August 1
  • Thursday August 3
  • New* Monday August 7
  • New* Tuesday August 8


  • On each of the above dates, we will offer an AM session from 8-10:30 AM & a PM session from 12-2:30 PM, with the exception of Make-Up sessions. 

Please Note:

  • If you are attending or have already recieved your tablet through MUN CAMP or FRESHMAN PREP, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP FOR TABLET TRAINING.

Training Sign-Up:

Click Here to Sign Up