Auxiliary Studies Program

What is the Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP)?

Established in 1995 in response to a growing need to extend additional educational and support services to students with diagnosed learning challenges, Santa Margarita Catholic High School's Auxiliary Studies Program (ASP) continues to be the leader in providing innovative academic support, in-house comprehensive and responsive assessment and cutting-edge interventions and remediation programs for students who learn differently. Since its inception, the ASP program has continually increased in both scope and size. ASP services are offered in a rigorous college preparatory setting where students with learning difficulties are competing and succeeding with their non-learning disabled peers.

Why ASP?

The program results in a dramatic improvement in self-esteem and substantial documented gains in academic performance. Most notably, students are going on to attend reputable colleges and universities throughout the country with skills and initiative to self-advocate and achieve goals well beyond previous expectations.

Eligibility and Application Form

Services and classes available through ASP will be extended only to students formally accepted and currently enrolled in the ASP Program. An application should be completed and documentation of the student's learning problems should be attached. Documentation consists of a written report of assessment either by the SMCHS Auxiliary Studies Department or by a qualified and licensed clinician/psychologist. The assessment should have been done within the past three years and the documentation must specifically demonstrate the presence of a learning issue. This evaluation is the cornerstone of an effective, focused plan of supportive education for the students.

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ASP Services

A student’s individual educational program will be based on the recommendations determined to best help the student succeed. Please note that some of the optional programs available may have fees in addition to ASP tuition fees.

Faculty & Staff


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