On January 6, 1997 Santa Margarita Catholic High School joined the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization, which offers academically talented and motivated high school students an opportunity to take IB courses and to earn an internationally recognized diploma. Santa Margarita is one of the few Catholic high schools in the USA to be a member of this organization.

SMCHS IB May 2019 Exams

It is required that all IB candidates testing in May 2019 familiarize themselves with the documents on this site prior to the start of exams on May 3, 2019. All SMCHS IB candidates will be provided with a personal copy of the documents below via their SMCHS email.

SMCHS May 2019 Memo to Students
SMCHS May 2019 IB /AP Exam Master Calendar 2019
SMCHS Academic Integrity Policy
IB Conduct of the Examination Notice to Candidates 2019
IB Items Not Permitted 2019
IB Answer Booklet Guide
IB Academic Honesty Flyer
IB Calculator Policy
San Francisco Solano (SFS) Schematic


For questions pertaining to the IB May 2019 exams please contact SMCHS IB Coordinator, Dr. Maria Andrade Johnson at Johnsonm@smhs.org.

Information about the IB program

What is IB?

The International Baccalaureate program aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people through intercultural understanding and respect. The comprehensive two-year program is designed for juniors and seniors who take courses and sit for exams in specified subject areas. Additionally, outside of course requirements, IB full diploma candidates must complete an extended essay based on research and an independent project encompassing creativity, action and service. The IB program is a challenging, broad-based curriculum, which opens students up to issues affecting the community and world. Many students opt to take individual IB courses along with AP classes. They must also sit for IB exams but do not complete the additional requirements of the full diploma.

Why IB?

  • Increased academic opportunities, earn college credit and advanced standing at many colleges and universities
  • IB students care about more than just results
  • Build confidence and independence
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Graduates are globally minded
  • Earn an international qualification
  • Develop time management skills
  • Subjects are not taught in isolation
  • Encourages breadth and depth of learning
  • Assesses more than examination techniques



To qualify for IB courses and the IB diploma program, students must meet the prerequisites, requirements and expectations with selected students accepted into the full diploma program their sophomore year. IB students are committed to taking the most rigorous academic curriculum offered at SMCHS.



  • Philosophy HL1
  • Philosophy IB HL2
  • English IB HL1
  • English IB HL2
  • Theory of Knowledge IB
  • Mathematical Studies IB SL
  • Mathematics IB SL
  • Mathematics IB HL 1
  • Mathematics IB HL2
  • Further Mathematics IB HL2
  • Biology IB SL
  • Biology IB HL 1
  • Biology IB HL 2
  • Chemistry IB SL
  • Physics IB HL 1
  • Physics IB HL 2
  • Physics IB SL
  • Environmental Systems & Societies IB SL
  • Economics IB SL
  • History IB HL 1
  • History of the Americas IB HL 2
  • Business Management IB HL 1
  • Business Management IB HL 2
  • Spanish IB SL
  • Spanish IB HL1
  • Spanish IB HL2
  • French IB SL
  • French IB HL1
  • French IB HL2
  • Latin IB SL
  • Latin IB HL1
  • Latin IB HL2
  • Greek IB SL
  • Mandarin Chinese IB SL
  • Dance IB HL1
  • Dance IB HL2
  • Music Group Performance IB SL
  • Music IB HL1
  • Music IB HL2
  • Theatre Arts IB SL
  • Theatre Arts IB HL1
  • Theatre Arts IB HL2
  • Film IB HL1
  • Film IB HL2
  • Visual Arts IB HL1
  • Visual Arts IB HL2

IB courses offered

overall pass rate compared to a world average
of 79% (2018)

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Catholic IB World Schools in California

Contact IB Coordinator

Dr. Maria Andrade Johnson at 949-766-6000 ext. 4192 or Johnsonm@smhs.org.