Schedule Requests for 2023-2024

Follow these steps

Step #1:

Students, please take time to review the following before submitting your schedule request form:

Step #2:

Fill out your grade level Microsoft Form with scheduling requests. (Scroll down for links)
Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors: Please submit forms by 1.30.23

Due Dates:

  • Submit Forms by January 30, 2023 for all grade levels.

Step #3:

Schedule a meeting with your school counselor to review course requests, ask questions, & discuss options.

Click on the link for your current grade level form below. Once you submit this form your counselor will follow up with you regarding any questions you may have asked and suggested times to meet for further discussion about your requests.

Watch Flipgrid videos and read about NEW courses below:

Counselors Contact Information:

Please contact your counselor to book an appointment if you want to discuss your course requests further.



Visual Arts. . .

English. . .

Math. . .


Social Studies...

World Language...

General Course Sequencing at SM

Math sequence:
  1. Algebra 1
  2. Algebra 2
  3. Geometry
  4. Upper Math (Course of Student’s choice)

History sequence:
  1. World History
  2. US History
  3. Government/Economics

Science sequence:
  1. Concepts of Science
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry (Chem Comm)
  4. Upper Science (Course of Student’s choice)

World Language:

2 years of the same language is required for graduation. 3+ years recommended for most colleges

Religion and English

Both are required each year


4933A Intro to Forensic Psychology

(g) UC Approval Pending

9200 Peer Mentorship

6217A Film As Art

(F) UC Approved

7413E AP Drawing

(f) UC Approved

7560 A Architecture


6218A Film Aesthetics

(g) UC Approved

5569E AP Chinese Language

(G) UC Approved

Please reach out to your respective counselor if you have any questions about these classes.

Student Scheduling Timeline
January -February
  • Course description book available online 
  • Classroom visits take place 
  • Scheduling webpage & Microsoft Forms open 
  • Students begin submitting schedule request forms 
  • Student & Counselor meetings take place 
February- March
  • Student & Counselors meetings continue 
  • Student schedule requests entered in Aeries by counselors 
March - April
  • School Counselors review course selections and continue student meetings 
April - June
  • Master schedule development 
July - August 
  • Schedule conflicts and level changes addressed by counselors 
  • Students receive course schedules 

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