General Information

Summer school remediation, advancement, and enrichment courses will be offered in two sessions. Session 1 remediates Fall classes and Session 2 remediates Spring classes. Registration is now open.  Session 1 registration closes June 8.  Session 2 registration closes June 28.

SESSION 1: June 13 - June 30
SESSION 2: July 11 - July 28

Email: summersession@smhs.org

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Note: Classes will run Monday-Thursday, there will be no classes held on Fridays.

Summer School Policies

Summer School 2022

Academic Remediation

Current students are required to remediate all failing grades in order to graduate. Students who have received a "D" are encouraged to remediate this grade. Students are only permitted to remediate "D" and "F" grades.

Students who have multiple grades that need to be remediated per session should consult their counselor to discuss remediation options.

Cost: $700/course

Advancement & Enrichment Courses

SMCHS offers a limited number of advancement and enrichment courses. These courses are designed to bridge the gap between academic and honors courses. Teacher and counselor approval is required to enroll.


This class is open to current SM students who have not yet completed their health graduation requirement and incoming freshman who are participating in the MUN program.
Cost: $735

Physical Education

SMCHS will be offering P.E. during both sessions for the 2022 Summer Session. P.E. is open to current SM students and incoming freshman who are not participating in an after school sport to complete their P.E. graduation requirement.

Cost: $700/session

Freshman Prep

Freshman Prep is open to incoming freshman students who are looking to strengthen their Language Arts, Algebra, or Executive Function skills prior to beginning their freshman year.
Due to differences in curriculum, students who are taking English 1 H, Algebra 1 H, Algebra 2, or Algebra 2 H cannot participate in the Language Arts or Algebra Skills courses.

Cost is dependent on the number of classes each student chooses to participate in.

1 Class: $250

2 Classes: $450

3 Classes: $650

Course Descriptions