Summer School 2018

Santa Margarita offers blended online academic classes with the same curriculum content as our traditional classroom courses. These classes meet on campus approximately three times a week, and the rest of the course material is covered in an online format. Students are not permitted to miss any more than TWO in-class sessions, or they risk losing credit for the course. Health, Freshman Prep, and P.E. have different attendance and on-campus requirements. See below for more information.

Session 1: June 11th-28th

Session 2: July 2nd-19th (No School July 4th)

Note: There will be no classes of any type, held on Fridays.

Important Information

Attention: If you are an incoming freshman MUN student and are unable to attend Session Two, please remember that although health is required during summer school, it is simply a graduation requirement and can be taken during a subsequent summer. Thank you for your understanding.

Any student who receives an "F" grade at the semester in any subject must remediate that "F" in summer school. In addition, a student receiving a "D" grade in the second semester of any Math or World Language course for which a second or third year is required must attend Summer School at Santa Margarita to remediate the grade and to prepare for the following year. Students whose academic GPA is below a 2.0 must attend Summer School to remediate D’s even if they have no “F’s”, so that they may improve their academic GPA to meet graduation requirements. Consult with your student's academic counselor to discuss remediation options. ONLY D's or F's are eligible to be remediated.

Mandatory face-to-face meeting time is minimal in our blended online classes. Therefore, it is very important that you are in attendance for every face-to-face meeting. There are no “Excused Absences” for face-to-face meetings. Our Summer School blended online courses are very intensive. Approximately 1 week of material is covered each day during Summer School. Please note that you will need to spend approximately 4 hours each day, if not more, on the course material to keep up. Fortunately, you can spend that 4 hours in the afternoon or evening, but those students that plan and schedule their time perform best in a blended online course.

Summer School Health

All students at SMCHS are required to take a health class as a graduation requirement. Most freshmen will complete the requirement during their 9th grade Cultural Geography/Health class unless they are taking the additional MUN component or, in some cases, ASP. In these instances, students must take the course in an open elective slot during their time at SMCHS or during Summer School. We offer two sessions of health over the summer.This class includes an intensive online component and can be especially challenging for incoming freshman who have not yet been exposed to our Learning Portal. Please note that although most of summer health is done online, students have a MANDATORY attendance requirement on the first day (orientation) and last day (in-class final exam).


Registration will open March 19th for current students and April 16th for incoming Freshmen.


Summer School 2018

Academic Summer Sessions

Remediation Courses (10th-12th grades)

We offer remediation in most subject areas (see course description booklet for a full list of course offerings). Please note that our ability to run a course is subject to enrollment levels, and final enrollment is typically not confirmed until the week before Summer School begins. Any registration fees for courses that do not end up running will be refunded.

Session One of summer school is only for remediation of the 1st semester.

Session Two of summer school is only for remediation of the 2nd semester.

Advancement/Enrichment Courses (10th-12th grades)

We offer a limited selection of advancement and enrichment courses. These include, but may not be limited to, Geometry Honors, Bridge to Calculus, and Introduction to Programming. Note: Some of these classes require a teacher recommendation as a condition for enrollment. These courses run on the same schedule as the Session One and Session Two remediation classes, but please understand that since these are year-length courses, they span both sessions of summer school.

Physical Education (Incoming Freshmen and all grade levels)

Physical Education is also available as a summer school course for those that will not be participating in a sport in order to fulfill their P.E. requirement. P.E. can also be taken during the school year as an elective course. P.E. classes run for 3 weeks from 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. They are offered during both Semester 1 and Semester 2 of Summer School.

FRESHMAN PREP July 2nd - July 19th (No School on July 4th)

Some incoming freshman will be required to attend our outstanding Freshman Prep program during the summer prior to the start of school based on HSPT scores and middle school grades. The program encompasses Language Arts, Algebra Skills, and Executive Functions, and the courses will ensure that students are adequately prepared for academic success during their freshman year. The courses are face-to-face courses and daily attendance is required over the 3 week session.

Freshman Prep Course Descriptions

Language Arts This course will help students with preparation and comprehension for their summer reading assignments and will ensure that they are ready for their freshman English course at Santa Margarita. The course reintroduces and bolsters students' reading, grammar, annotation, writing, and analytic skills in order to prepare students for their summer reading, The Alchemist. In conjunction with the skills taught in Academic Strategies, students will also be prepared to use the Learning Portal (our web based learning management system) and turnitin.com.

Algebra Skills is a valuable course for students who may have experienced difficulty in mathematics in middle school or on the HSPT. Students will review and strengthen their knowledge of fractions, real numbers, decimals, ratios, percentages, as well as preview the first few chapters taught in Algebra 1.

Academic Strategies introduces and cements study and organizational skills that necessary for success in high school, college, and beyond. The lessons focus on conveying the importance of time management, communicating with teachers, coping with stress, developing effective study habits, reading comprehension skills, memorization strategies, effective note-taking, research tools, and more. Students are also introduced to some of the tools they will be provided with as part of SMCHS' outstanding One-to-One Tablet PC Program.

Attendance & Discipline Contract for Summer Freshman Prep


CONDUCT: SMCHS students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Respect for teachers and peers, cooperation with all school personnel, and a positive attitude are the qualities of a Santa Margarita Catholic High School student. Conduct codes will be enforced as outlined in the Santa Margarita Catholic High School Parent Student Handbook. Failure to uphold conduct codes will result in disciplinary actions as outlined in the Santa Margarita Catholic High School Parent Student Handbook.

CLASS ATTENDANCE & TARDIES: Face-to-face meeting time is minimal; therefore it is very important that you are in attendance and on time when face to face meetings are called. This means that should you miss a scheduled meeting day during summer school you must speak with your instructor immediately to arrange for a make-up. Approximately 1 week of material is covered each day during summer school. Summer school online courses are very intensive courses. The Learning Portal is your classroom and you will need to spend approximately 4 hours a day, if not more, on the course to keep up.

SUMMER SCHOOL DRESS CODE: The regular school uniforms are not required for summer school. Students are, however, required to dress modestly for summer school when asked to be on campus for any face to face meeting.

Guidelines for Summer School Dress: Clothing which expresses alcohol, sex, sexual orientation, racial and/or drug motifs is not permitted. Half-shirts, tank-tops, spaghetti-strap sun dresses, miniskirts, tube-tops, bare midriffs and backs, oversized and baggy clothing, hats, bare feet, and sleeveless tee-shirts are not permitted. Shorts must have at least a six inch inseam. At no time may sweat suits be worn. Earrings on boys are not permitted. Socks and shoes must be worn according to the uniform dress code regulations. Students who go beyond the school’s idea of appropriate dress will be suspended/denied entry and sent home to change clothes.

  • Clothing must NOT be baggy, oversized or torn, and must be void of inappropriate graphic designs.
  • Students may wear walking shorts at appropriate length or long pants
  • Students may wear jean pants as long as they are in good condition (no holes, rips, tears or cutoffs)
  • Tennis shoes/sneakers/athletic shoes must be closed heel and toe (no platform shore, sandals or flip flops allowed
  • Hair must be neat and clean, Extreme or faddish styles/colors are not permitted
  • Boys’ hair may extend to mid-ear on sides, above the eyebrow in front and above the collar in back.
  • Boys’ must be clean shaven.
  • The following items may NOT be worn:
  • No flip flops or sandals
  • No short shorts
  • No low rider pants
  • No pajamas
  • No sweats
  • No Spaghetti strap tops

Dress code points will be assigned for each violation of the Dress Code as follows when attending face to face meetings:

1 Point for each Dress Code violation
3 Dress Code points = withdrawal from summer school.

The Director of Summer School reserves the right to make the final decision regarding any attendance, discipline or dress code issue not considered appropriate for Santa Margarita Catholic High School. A student who exceeds the limit of either attendance, tardies or dress code points may be dismissed by the Director of Summer School.

Questions? E-mail the Summer School offices at summersession@smhs.org

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