Bus & Carpool Information


Eagle School Bus transportation is available four days a week. Due to the current situation, the bus fee will be billed monthly. One way bus passes are allowed to be used starting March 1st and available for purchase with cash or check in the Business Office.

Students that have any symptoms of illness or have been exposed to anyone who is ill, should stay home. Students will be required to wear facial coverings at all times, students will be seated in every other row or in a jigsaw pattern, bus windows will remain open for increased air flow and touched areas will be sanitized and disinfected after every trip. To reserve the bus please send an email to Bus@smhs.org.

 Hybrid Block Bus Routes


Bus Transportation Cost:

Due to the current situation, the bus fee will be billed monthly.

North Route $1,300.00 
South 2 Route $1,175.00 
South 1 Route Stops A through D

$925 for Stop E (Ladera Ranch)

One way bus pass $25 for five rides



Check out the private Facebook group that was created to help SMCHS families connect with one another for carpooling opportunities. Feel free to post if you are looking for a family to carpool with in your area, or if you are able to provide transportation for a student in your area. We advise that once you find a family that is interested, private message them to keep details and addresses private.

Click here to check out the Facebook Carpool group.


For questions regarding our bus program, please email bus@smhs.org