Eagle Online Academy

Dynamic high school education where you are

Does a traditional 8am to 2:30pm bell schedule not meet your student’s unique educational needs?  Does your student require a high degree of flexibility when they can start and end classes?  If you are looking for a world class high school in an online format that doesn’t sacrifice the academic rigor and faith-based core values of a school like Santa Margarita Catholic High School, then the Eagle Online Academy may be for you.

  • 100% authentic Santa Margarita Catholic High School (SMCHS) education
  • 100% online, asynchronous classes
  • 100% of content created and taught by SMCHS faculty
  • 100% access to SMCHS support services, Campus Ministry, and Athletics
  • 100% built for students that need flexibility in their high school education experience
  • In-person semester final exams
  • Access to in-person Academic Periods (teacher office hours)
  • The Eagle Online Academy is open for students in grades 9 - 11 in the Fall of 2024-2025. 
  • In succeeding years, additional online courses will be added to provide students a pathway to earn an SMCHS diploma.  
  • The Eagle Online Academy leans on the expertise gained by the educators of SMCHS through its successful launch of its renown one-to-one laptop program in 2013, and the smooth two-day transition process to online learning in the Spring of 2020.
  • All courses and class content are created by the highly regarded SMCHS faculty.
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  • All Eagle Online Academy courses are created with the same rigorous focus as SMCHS's successful college-prep curriculum.
  • Core classes are designed as UC and NCAA approved courses that lead the student to meet our school’s graduation requirements.
  • Additional courses will be added to the library of available classes in succeeding years.

Online Courses

At the heart of Eagle Online Academy is our school’s charism, Caritas Christi, Latin for the love of Christ. Students in the Eagle Online Academy are invited to

  • attend and/or participate in Catholic masses held on campus
  • partake in our Catholic retreat program
  • join the activities of our dynamic Campus Ministry office
  • fully-participate in our Christian Service program. Students learn the importance of giving back to their community through service and their important role as global citizens in God’s creation.


  1. Independent learner
  2. Task-oriented
  3. Excellent time management
  4. Computer/technology proficient
  5. Willingness to ask for help

Who do I contact for more information?

Please reach out to Mr. Ron Blanc, Director of Admissions.

Email: blancron@smhs.org

Asynchronous Classes – What Does That Mean?
  • As opposed to synchronous classes where students must log in for their classes at specific times during the day, asynchronous classes offer the student the flexibility to sign in and complete their class work at the time of day that best fits their schedule. Each week, teachers will release the week’s set of assignments and assessments.
  • Students will have the week to complete their coursework. The week’s classwork will include a 30-minute live Teams video call with their teacher that will be recorded for the student to view on their time if they cannot view the Teams video call live.
  • The Eagle Online Academy is not a hybrid model (some classes in person, some classes online), but a fully online program to better meet the needs of students that require flexibility in their class time. In the future, a hybrid model may be developed, but the initial phase of the Eagle Online Academy will be online and asynchronous.