SMCHS prides itself on providing academic excellence at the best value in the region.

Tuition Rates 2024-25

Tuition Rate $21,675
International Student rate Click Here

Available Discounts 2024-25*

Catholic Discount
*Verification required
Second Student $500
Third, and each additional student $750
Pay in full by May 31st $1,000
Pay in full by June 30th $500
Pay in full by July 31st $250

* Discounts are not available to those receiving tuition assistance. Additionally, the Catholic discount is for those registered in a local Orange County parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.

Additional Fees 2024-25

Non-refundable, per student/per year

(incoming students only)
($550 if you register by 3/31/24)
Technology Fee* $800
Graduation Fee**
(for graduating seniors only)

* Mandatory, non-refundable technology fee for enrolled students. There is no proration of the fee for students enrolling or withdrawing mid-year.

** During their senior year, there is a mandatory graduation fee.

ASP Tuition 2024-25

ASP Tuition  $3,500
ASP Testing Fee $1,800

International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB Full Diploma  $350
IB Courses
(per course)

Other Financial Obligations
Families are required to pay:

  • Student's textbooks and uniforms
  • Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities may also require fees.

Tuition Assistance & Scholarships:

We encourage you to explore all of our financial options available. Click here to be directed to the tuition assistance and scholarships page.

For additional information on tuition assistance please contact Juliana Treadway, Director of Accounting, at treadwayj@smhs.org or 949-766-6051

Educational Funding:

To learn more about Your Tuition Solution’s flexible plans, compare payment options or apply online, visit: yourtuitionsolution.com today. 
Download the brochure.

Payment Plans

SMCHS uses FACTS Tuition Management for the collection of tuition and other fees. During registration you will be directed to set up your tuition payment account with FACTS. At that time you will also pay your registration fee. The following payment plans are available:
  • Annual: One payment on July 5
  • Semi Annual: Two payments, one due on July 5 and one due on November 5
  • Ten Month: Payments are due on the 5th of each month (July through April)

For additional information on payment plans, please contact Kim Read, Senior Accountant - Tuition Receivables, at readk@smhs.org or 949-766-6055.