Photography Student Work

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The photography art student must have a digital “manual” 35mm camera. Each student will be responsible for having at least 4 projects per grading period, and some pictures enlarged through an outside lab. The student will learn and explore observational skills, photographic techniques, and “photography as art” concepts relating to art history and art philosophy. While learning how to use the camera, and how cameras work, the student will explore photography within different genres (portraits, landscape, interior and exterior space, sport, etc.). In addition, students will be learning computer programs that will further their understanding of the photographic process. They will explore simple techniques in Adobe Photoshop and photo editing processes.

Length of Course: Year

Open to Grades: 9,10,11,12

Note: Students need to provide their own manual DSL camera.


Builds upon skills learned in ‘Photography’. This includes camera techniques, photo analysis, photo composition and an increasing emphasis on adjustment and improvement of photographs using photo manipulation software. Students are encouraged to development various forms of composition such as photography for science, art or publication. Career opportunities and the ethics of photography will be explored in depth as well. Students will be able to understand advanced techniques and some special effects in photography as they learn to find their personal ‘voice’.

Length of Course: Year

Open to Grades: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: Photography Note: Students need to provide their own manual DSL camera.