Photography Student Work

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(f) UC Approved

Photography is a year long course. This course uses the digital camera to build basic skills in students who have an interest in photography, but no prior experience. Using the combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on experience, this course will explore the basic photographic techniques involved in making and taking high quality photographs. The first semester will focus on mastering camera handling, composition, file management, different photography styles and genres (portraits, landscape, interior, and exterior space, sport, etc.). In the second semester we will build upon these skills while exploring introductory photo editing techniques in Adobe photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Photography students are responsible for providing their own digital camera that offers a full manual mode.
Length of Course: Year
Open to Grades: 9,10,11,12
Note: Students need to provide their own manual DSL camera


(f) UC Approved

This advanced level course is designed to expand the knowledge and abilities of students who completed the introductory Photography course. This class will focus on camera techniques, photo analysis, photo composition and an increasing emphasis on adjustment and improvement of photographs using photo manipulation software. Students are encouraged to development their own photography styles and explore various forms of composition such as photography for science, art or publication. Career opportunities and the ethics of photography will be explored in depth as well. Students will be able to understand advanced techniques and some special effects in photography as they learn to find their personal ‘voice’.
Length of Course: Year
Open to Grades: 10,11,12
Prerequisite: Photography and teacher recommendation
*Note: Students need to provide their own manual DSL camera.