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7401A ART
(f) UC Approved

Art is a year-long course. The first semester is an introductory course in which the basic techniques are taught. During the second semester we will further develop the techniques taught in the first semester. This course is designed for the student that is serious about learning more about art, but no prior skills are necessary. Students will explore a variety of exercises and projects using an assortment of materials throughout the semester. Students learn a process of art-making and will keep an on-going sketchbook in which they put preliminary drawings for their designs, class notes, self-evaluation, etc. It is expected that students will read about, write about, and speak about art. Art sketchbooks are used ang graded throughout the year. In the second semester the student reads about, writes about, speaks about, and evaluates art work, but on a more advanced level, and with a greater emphasis on developing personal style and understanding the elements and principles of design.
Length of Course: Year
Open to Grades: 9,10,11,12