Our equestrians proudly join other athletes on campus by participating in the SM letter program. In addition, the team is part of the Orange County Interscholastic Equestrian League (OCIEL), which is a publicly supported non-profit corporation operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to foster regional and national amateur equestrian sports competition. The primary goals and objectives of the League are to encourage a knowledge of horsemanship, stable management, equine anatomy and physiology and to promote teamwork in a fair and friendly competition with the young riders from K thru 12th grade. The League encourages and supports the efforts of those students and their parents at public and private schools who have made a commitment to the sport, and promotes the sport as an interscholastic team activity.

The SM equestrian team is also classified as an NCAA emerging sport, and participates in the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

2018-2019 Season

2018-2019 Roster

  • Davidson, Liana
  • Roberts, Sierra
Novice Hunters
  • Cantrell, Rylee
  • Giacinto, Lucia
  • Grad, Rachel
  • Kacherian, Emma
  • Tyler, Lauren
Freshman Hunters
  • Chiate, Ashley
  • Morgan, Ashleigh
JV Hunters
  • Sanders, Mia
  • Singh, Jasmine
  • Speirs, Mackensey
Varsity Hunters
  • Kaltenbach, Lauren
  • Waken, Hannah


JV Jumpers
  • Champion, Helena
  • Le, Thea
  • Speirs, Meagan
  • Villareal, Darby

Varsity Jumpers

  • Adams, Cara
  • Gammon, Regan
  • Villareal, Audrey

2018/2019 Awards

Overall High Point Champions

(46 schools competing LA, San Diego and OC, all divisions)

  • Champion – Novice
    • Hunter/Jumper Division
  • Reserve Champion – Freshman
    • Hunter/Jumper Division
  • Champion – Junior Varsity
    • Hunter/Jumper Division
  • Champion – Varsity
    • Hunter/Jumper Division

Rider Specific Awards – Division Level:

  • Rylee Cantrell – Champion
    • Novice Hunters
  • Ashley Chiate – Champion
    • Freshman Hunters
  • Cara Adams – Reserve Champion
    • Varsity Jumpers

Rider Specific Awards – Class Level:

  • Savannah Gwin – Reserve Champion, Dressage
    • Junior Varsity First Level Test 3

  • Rylee Cantrell
    • Champion, Novice Equitation Over Fences
    • Champion, Novice Hunter Under Saddle
    • Reserve Champion, Novice Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Emma Khacherian
    • Reserve Champion, Novice Equitation Over Fences
  • Ashley Chiate
    • Champion, Freshman Equitation Over Fences
    • Champion, Freshman Working Hunters
    • Champion, Freshman Under Saddle
    • Champion, Freshman Hunt Seat Equitation

  • Thea Le
    • Reserve Champion, JV Jumper

  • Hannah Waken
    • Reserve Champion, Varsity Hunters Under Saddle

  • Audrey Villarreal
    • Champion, Varsity Jumpers

  • Cara Adams
    • Reserve Champion, Varsity Jumpers

  • Sierra Roberts
    • Reserve Champion, Walk/Jog Horsemanship

  • Liana Davidson
    • Champion, Western Novice Trail
    • Reserve Champion, Western Novice Pleasure
    • Reserve Champion, Western Novice Horsemanship


Candice Tupajic
Email: tupajicc@smhs.org


All equestrians are encouraged to join. For more information, please contact: Ms. Candice Tupajic, Equestrian
Team Advisor