2018 Varsity Football Roster
# Last First Height Weight Position Grade
5 Bianchini Blake 5'9" 175lbs 12
6 Edwards Malakai 5'11" 180lbs LB 11
7 Amer Kareem 5'10" 170lbs 12
8 Kentros Connor 6'0" 176lbs 11
9 Burke Connor 6'0" 213lbs 12
10 Hartigan Tyler 5'11" 220lbs 11
11 Nenad Chase 6'3" 220lbs 11
12 Costelli Peter 6'2" 196lbs QB 10
13 Bane Connor 6'4" 200lbs WR 11
14 Smith Travis 6'0" 176lbs WR/DB 12
15 Lee Tyler 6'1" 190lbs DB 12
16 O'Rourke Kyle 5'11" 160lbs 12
17 Yoshida Cole 5'11" 160lbs 10
18 Ebach Jake 6'0" 175lbs WR 12
19 Zahedi Dylan 6'1" 180lbs OL/DL 11
20 Caragao Justin 6'0" 150lbs DB 11
21 Higgins Preston 5'8" 155lbs 12
22 Barcelos Nick 6'0" 218lbs 11
23 Bonin Brett 6'0" 155lbs 11
24 Ard Mark 6'3" 170lbs 11
25 Thomas Jake 5'9" 190lbs 12
26 Warady Brenndan 5'10" 175lbs 10
27 Kama Keanu 6'1" 165lbs 10
28 Stegin Ryan 5'9" 155lbs 11
29 Cova Shane 5'10" 180lbs DB 11
30 Williams Beck 5'11" 190lbs 12
32 Hernandez Corey 5'10" 170lbs DB 12
33 Doyle Gregory 6'3" 215lbs 11
35 Boccuzzi Jack
40 Prenovost Trey 6'0" 180lbs LB 11
42 Lynch Matt 5'11" 197lbs LB 12
43 Sulick Drew 6'0" 177lbs TE 10
44 Hartigan Matt 5'11" 185lbs 12
47 Whitman Tyler 5'11" 167lbs 10
50 Oberholtzer William 6'0" 205lbs 11
52 Schwenke Logan 6'3" 230lbs 11
55 Crane Brody 6'2" 270lbs 10
56 Lupinski A.J. 6'1" 250lbs 12
58 McClure Thomas 6'3" 205lbs 11
64 Morris Zach 6'2" 245lbs 10
68 Strunk Ethan 5'10" 230lbs 11
72 Schillig Jason 6'3" 260lbs 11
73 Maihen Cole 6'4" 200lbs 11
74 Schillig Brandon 6'5" 258lbs 12
75 Orellana Donovan 6'3" 285lbs 12
78 Clay Nate 6'2" 280lbs 12
80 Gauthier Chase 5'9" 175lbs 12
85 Mikus Joshua 5'10" 160lbs 10
89 Wilkins Derek 6'4" 221lbs 10

2018 JV Football
# Last First Height Weight Position Grade
7 Swanson Tanner 5'8" 134lbs QB 10
9 Clift Gavin 6'1" 173lbs TE 10
10 Buckley Michael 5'11" 150lbs WR 10
15 Wetmore Tyler 5'9" 154lbs RB 10
16 Gauthier Trevor 5'7" 135lbs WR 10
18 Link Dylan 5'10" 144lbs WR 10
20 Dodd Hunter 5'10" 170lbs LB 10
22 Reynolds Chris 5'7" 180lbs RB 10
23 Comestro Anthony 5'8" 185lbs CB 10
26 Davis Brett 5'11" 175lbs S 10
28 DeLeon Matthew 5'6" 155lbs LB 10
30 Wilkinson Tommy 6'0" 170lbs DB 10
32 Wade Kyle 6'0" 155lbs DL 10
33 DeSanti Nick 5'3" 145lbs LB 10
56 Bennett Gary 6'3" 168lbs OL/DL 10
61 Campbell Ryan 6'2" 220lbs OL/DL 10
64 O'Connor Kilian 6'1" 210lbs OL/DL 9
66 Graham Jack 5'11" 157lbs OL/DL 10
71 Morris Nick 5'10" 250lbs OL/DL 10
72 Sergi Roman 5'10" 250lbs OL/DL 10
73 Auriemma Matthew 6'3" 216lbs OL/DL 10
Jimenez Joel WR 10
Hussein Santillan RB 10

Mikus Joshua 5'10" 160lbs WR 10
Strunk Ethan 5'10" 230lbs OL 11
McClure Thomas 6'3" 205lbs OL 11
Prenovost Trey 6'0" 180lbs LB 11
Cova Shane 5'10" 180lbs DB 11
Stegin Ryan 5'9" 155lbs RB 11
Bonin Brett 6'0" 155lbs WR 11
Zahedi Dylan 6'1" 180lbs OL/DL 11
Bane Connor 6'4" 200lbs QB 11
Hartigan Tyler 5'11" 220lbs LB 11
Warady Brenndan 5'10" 175lbs DB 10
Kentros Connor 6'0" 176lbs DB 11
Edwards Malakai 5'11" 180lbs LB 11
Smith Travis 6'0" 176lbs WR/DB 12

2018 Freshman Football
# Last First Height Weight Position Grade
8 Bane Landon 5'7 117 WR/DB 9
35 Bauman Paul 5'8 133 WR/DB 9
75 Becerra Joseph 6'0 237 OL/DL 9
23 Bennett Tanner 5'7 113 WR/DB 9

7 Callari Joe QB/DB 9
9 Cantrell Noah 5'9 152 RB/DB 9
29 Carpou Sebastian 5'6 116 RB/DB 9
44 Carr Collin 6'0 141 WR/DB 9
40 Caspino Sam 6'1 157 RB/LB 9
14 Christensen Romen 5'5 121 RB/LB 9
27 Dominguez Daniel 5'7 146 WR/LB 9
22 Downey Aidan 5'4 112 WR/DB 9
25 Fisher Jack 5'10 131 WR/DB 9
68 Flick Keegan 6'0 218 OL/DL 9
6 Grogan Ian 6'0 154 RB/LB 9
10 Healy Mack 5'7 144 RB/LB 9
15 Herberle Jake 6'2 158 QB 9
5 Hogan Spencer 5'7 137 QB 9
11 Holmes Jordan 6'1 162 QB 9
24 Jones Jalen 5'8 148 WR/DB 9
76 Kiely Sean 5'10 187 OL/DL 9
59 Leavell Jack 5'9 175 OL/DL 9
12 Lockwood Tristen 5'8 147 QB 9
66 Luckham Brett 6'0 247 OL/DL 9
34 Luke Hayden 5'9 134 WR/DB 9
41 McGee Ben 5'9 136 WR/LB 9
20 McGuire Mikey 5'9 117 WR/DB 9
32 McKeehan Jack 5'9 140 WR/LB 9
70 Meeks Andrew 5'9 199 OL/DL 9
42 Nilsen Clayton 6'0 161 WR/DL 9
26 Ortiz Noah 5'6 117 WR/DB 9
21 Palmer Ryan 5'2 103 WR/DB 9
81 Pla Sebastian 5'8 128 WR/DB 9
55 Proctor Tim 5'11 155 OL/DL 9
Richardson Caleb 5'10 147 WR/LB 9
28 Rivera Justin 5'9 126 WR/DB 9
13 Ruiz Ethan 5'7 112 WR/DB 9
16 Skibsted Michael 5'8 136 WR/DB 9
18 Straw Luke 6'0 145 WR/DB 9
17 Teasley Jonathan 5'8 118 WR/DB 9








Head Football Coach: Brent Vieselmeyer

Brent Vieselmeyer joins the SMCHS Eagles from Kansas University where he most recently held the position of offensive analyst. Prior to coaching last season with the Kansas University Jayhawks, Vieselmeyer was with the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League for three seasons. He joined the Raider franchise in 2015 after spending 15 years coaching at the collegiate and high school levels. While at Oakland, Vieselmeyer held positions as assistant linebacker coach and safeties coach.

Click Here for Full Press Release

Offensive Coordinator | Wide Receivers - Sean Embree

Sean Embree is an outstanding football coach on the rise. Sean’s 24 years of coaching experience, includes coaching at the high school, college, and professional levels. Sean’s high school coaching career includes Boulder, Fairview, J.K.E Mullen and most recently, the Offensive Coordinator for Santa Margarita Catholic of the Trinity League. At the collegiate level Seancoached at Harper Junior College, Butler University and at the professional level, Sean interned/coached with the Denver Broncos, and in Central Europe for Vukovi Beograd and the Serbian National team.

As Head Coach for both European teams, Sean compiled a spectacular record of 52-3 (97%), winning four championships, and most significantly, winning the one and only European Cup for Serbia.

In total games as a coach and player, Sean has amassed a record of 270 wins and only 51 losses. As a player at Colorado, Sean was a three year starter at Tight End winning three consecutive BIG 8 titles and one National Championship. Sean’s knowledge of the game comes from a long history of connecting with successful programs and building relationships with coaches – including Bill McCartney, Gary Kubiak, Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, Eric Bienemy, Jon Embree (brother) and John Pagano.

In addition, Sean has a deep football bloodline. His father played in the NFL/AFL for ten years. His brother played Division I football, played in the NFL, head coached Division I football (Colorado), and currently coaches in the NFL (49ers). His nephews played Division I football (UCLA/Kansas), and one is now coaching in the NFL (Chiefs) as well and the other is a member of the University of Colorado football staff.

Running Backs - Bob Carskie
Coach Bob Carskie comes to Santa Margarita with 40 years of coaching experience, including 14 years as a head high school coach and 10 years in the Division One college ranks. As a college coach, Carskie worked under Barry Alvarez at the University of Wisconsin and Howard Schnellenberger at the University of Louisville. While coaching at Louisville, they went on to win the 1993 Liberty Bowl championship. From 1994 to 2000 Carskie was the Director of Football Operations at Iowa State. During his tenure at Iowa State, Carskie headed up the recruiting process for the Cyclones including former NFL player Reggie Hayward. In 1985 Carskie served as the head coach at Archbishop Weber High School making appearances in the 1985 Chicago Catholic League playoffs and the 1988 Illinois State playoffs. Most recently, Bob was the head coach at both Boulder and Centaurus high school in Colorado. Carskie was honored as the Boulder Valley Coach of the Year in both 2000 and 2015.

Bob began his coaching career at Gordon Tech HS as an assistant coach where they won the 1980 Illinois 6A State Championship. They also won the 1982 Chicago Prep Bowl Championship. In 2002, Coach Carskie was inducted in the Gordon Tech Hall of Fame at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. A 1975 graduate of Missouri Valley College, with a bachelor’s degree in in physical education, Carskie was the starting Tight End for the Vikings in 1974 helping lead the Vikings to a berth in the NAIA National Championship game. Carskie also holds a master’s degree in education and administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bob Carskie has two children Samantha and David. Samantha a graduate of Colorado State University, is currently the owner and director of Full Bloom Tutoring in Denver, Colorado. David a graduate of the University of Colorado, is currently the tight ends coach at Puget Sound University in Tacoma, Washington.

Linebackers - Anthony Rouzier
Anthony Rouzier comes to Santa Margarita Catholic High School from the Hamburg Huskies of the German Football League, where he was the interim Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator in 2017. For the end of the season’s success, Rouzier was promoted and accepted the Head Coaching position. Rouzier was also the Defensive Coordinator for the U17 Hamburg State All-Star team, and worked with a recruiting service that helped European prospects earn Division 1 college scholarships.

Prior to Germany, Rouzier was a graduate assistant at his Alma Mater, the University of Massachusetts. He worked with the Defensive Backs in 2015 and the Linebackers in 2016. Rouzier coached the Outside Linebackers at Winston Salem State University in the spring of 2015. In 2014, Rouzier coached at Amherst Regional High School where he started as the Linebacker’s coach and was promoted to Defensive Coordinator mid-season.

Rouzier played at UConn in 2005, he was the first walk-on true freshman to start in the Division era of the school. He then transferred to UMass as a scholarship athlete, and was a part of two Conference Championships. He earned All-Academic All-Conference honors in 2007 & 2008.

Rouzier married his wife Elwira in 2018. He holds JD and MBA degrees from FIU, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from UMass. He is the co-creator of a children’s book and non-profit that promotes health and wellness.

Defensive Line - Max Onyegbule
Max Onyegbule spent two season on the Nebraska staff (2014 and 2015), where he served as a defensive graduate assistant. In 2015, Onyegbule assisted the husker defense that featured two All-Big Ten Honorees; second-team All-Big Ten selection Maliek Collins and All-Big Ten Honorable mention selection Vincent Valentine. In 2014, Onyegbule assisted a Nebraska defensive line that featured first-team All-Big Ten selection Randy Gregory and second-team all-conference pick Maliek Collins at defensive tackle. The play of the defensive line helped the Blackshirts rank among the national leaders in pass efficiency defense, opponent pass completion percentage and third-down defense. Onyegbule spent the 2013 season as a defensive graduate assistant at Kansas, his alma mater. Onyegbule earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Kansas in December of 2010. He is currently working on his master's in Education Administration. He and his Wife Charity were married in May 2015. While playing Defensive End for the Kansas, the Jayhawks enjoyed great success during Onyegbule’s career, including a 12-1 record in 2007, when the Jayhawks earned a BCS Orange Bowl victory over Virginia Tech finishing with a No. 7 final national ranking. After Onyegbule’s college career, he signed with the New Orleans Saints as a free Agent spending training camp with them. He also spent one season in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeeders. Combined years of college coaching – 3 years Bowls played/won – 2008 BCS Orange Bowl Champions and 2008 Insight Bowl Champion Years played in the NFL/CFL – 1 year NFL Draft picks coached – 4 (Randy Gregory, 2nd Round pick to the Dallas Cowboys, Ben Heeney, 5th Round Pick to the Radiers, Maliek Collins, 2016 Draft Prospect, Vincent Valentine, 2016 Draft Prospect)

Special Teams Coordinator - John Byszewski
John Byszewski begins his 17th year at Santa Margarita this season. Coach Byszewski is a member of Santa Margarita’s Charter Class of 1991. He played football for Saddleback College winning a National Championship and went on to earn a football scholarship to Western State College in Colorado where he played Center for their football team and finished with a business degree. After college, John returned to SM to coach, starting with freshman and eventually coaching all levels and defensive positions. Coach Byszewski also works in the Athletic Department at Santa Margarita which keeps him involved with all of SM’s student athletes. John and his wife, Becky, have three children, John (15), Jane (13) and Ben (9) and live in Mission Viejo

Cornerbacks - Corey Overton
Coach Overton is a graduate of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. At St. Ambrose, Coach Overton played cornerback played a key role in the nation’s #2 pass defense where he was named First Team All- Conference and an NAIA All-American game participant. Furthermore, at St. Ambrose, Coach Overton was part of an undefeated regular season (2006) team later to be ranked #3 in the nation. Additionally, Corey holds the position of Assistant Principal, Students Services at St. Junipero Serra Catholic in Rancho Santa Margarita. A native of Davenport, Iowa, Overton received his undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology in 2008 and Physical Education Teaching in 2010 from St. Ambrose University. In addition, Overton recently received his graduate degree in education from Loyola Marymount in 2016.

Safties - Omar Brown
University of North Carolina 1993-1998; NFL Atlanta Falcons 1998-2000
XFL Orlando Rage 2001
Assistant varsity football Coach Aliso Niguel High School 2005-2007
Assistant football coach Freshman Defensive Coordinator Dana Hills HS 2009-2011


2018 Varsity Football (3 - 7) | (0 - 5)
Week # Day Date Opponent Location Time Score
Thursday August 9th LB Milikan Millikan 7:30pm
0 Thursday August 16th Downey Trabuco HS 7:00pm W 59-21
1 Friday August 24th Mission Viejo MVHS 7:00pm W 2-0
2 Friday August 31st Cherry Creek Trabuco HS 7:00pm L 21-14
3 Friday Sept. 7th Mayfair Trabuco HS 7:00pm W 55-7
4 Saturday Sept. 15th Orem, Utah Trabuco HS 7:00pm L 51-46

6 Friday Sept. 28th OLu OCC 7:00pm L 39-37
7 Friday October 5th Mater Dei SA Bowl 7:00pm L 49-7
8 Thursday October 11th Servite Trabuco HS 7:00pm L 30-23
9 Friday October 19th Bosco Trabuco HS 7:00pm L 49-14
10 Friday October 26th Jserra Trabuco HS 7:00pm L 42-17
2018 JV Football (7 - 3) | (3 - 2)
Week Day Date Opponent Location Time Score
Thurs Aug 9th LB Milikan Millikan 7:30pm
0 Fri Aug 17th Downey Downey 3:15pm W 33-18
1 Thurs Aug 23rd Mission Viejo SMCHS 3:15pm L 14-7
2 Thurs Aug 30th Trabuco Hills SMCHS 3:15pm W 41-3
3 Thurs Sept 6th Mayfair Mayfair 3:15pm W 33-6
4 Friday Sept 14th Cent. Corona SMCHS 3:15pm W 35-19

6 Thurs Sept 27 OLu SMCHS 3:30pm W56-29
7 Thurs Oct 4th Mater Dei SMCHS 3:15pm L 49-34
8 Fri Oct 12th Servite Servite 3:15pm W 14-13
9 Thurs Oct 18th Bosco Bosco 3:15pm L 35-0
10 Thurs Oct 25th Jserra Jserra 3:15pm W 20-14
2018 Freshmen Football (5 - 5) | (0 - 5)
Week Day Date Opponent Location Time Score
Thurs Aug 9th LB Milikan Millikan 6:30pm
0 Thurs Aug 16th Downey SMCHS 3:15pm W 31-18
1 Thurs Aug 23rd Mission Viejo Mission Viejo 3:15pm W 21-18
2 Fri Aug 31th Cent. Corona SMCHS 3:15pm W 34-19
3 Thurs Sept 6th Mayfair SMCHS 3:15pm W 34-0
4 Thurs Sept 13th Bakersfield SMCHS 4:00pm W 37-27

6 Thurs Sept 27th OLu OLu 3:30pm L 41-0
7 Thurs Oct 4th Mater Dei Mater Dei 3:15pm L 55-7
8 Friday Oct 12th Servite SMCHS 3:15pm L 42-3
9 Thurs Oct 18th Bosco SMCHS 3:15pm L 46-14
10 Thurs Oct 25th Jserra SMCHS 3:15pm L 31-14

Youth Camps


  • 2012 | Max Tuerk | US Army All-American
Santa Margarita’s first US Army All-American selection and is now the starting center at USC. Tuerk is the first true freshman in USC history to start at left tackle and is the 14th multiple-time captain in USC history. At USC, Max had 33 career starts (14 at left guard, 13 at center, 5 at left tackle, 1 at right tackle) and was a 3-year starter. Turek was drafted in the third round of the 2016 NFL draft by by the San Diego Chargers.

  • 2016 | KJ Costello & Dylan Crawford | US Army All-American

The 2016 U.S. Army All-American Bowl Selection Tour visited Santa Margarita Catholic High School on Tuesday, October 27, to name quarterback KJ Costello and receiver Dylan Crawford to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Costello and Crawford become the second and third Eagles to be named to the U.S. Army All-American team. Max Tuerk ’12 was the first U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection in the history of our school. Santa Margarita honored Costello and Crawford before his teammates, media, fans and family during a jersey presentation on the Santa Margarita campus. Head Coach Rick Curtis was excited for both of his players to have received this honor.

  • 2017 | Brett Neilon | US Army All-American
Brett Neilon of Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, has been nominated to play in the 2017 U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Those nominated may be selected and have the opportunity to showcase their talents on Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017, in the annual East vs. West match-up, televised live on NBC at 1:00 PM EST. Neilon (6'02", 275lb), a dual sport athlete for the Eagles (Football/Track), is just the fourth Eagle football player to be selected to play in this prestigious high school bowl game, following Max Tuerk ’12, KJ Costello and Dylan Crawford ’16.

  • 2017 | Grant Calcaterra | US Under Armour All-American
Congratulations to senior Grant Calcaterra for being selected to the 2017 Under Armour All-American game which will be played live on ESPN on January 1st, 2017 from Orlando, Florida. Calcaterra, a 6’4” 215 pound wide receiver verbally committed to the University of Oklahoma earlier this year to play for Coach Bob Stoops’ Sooners and will compete in the Big 12 Conference. Grant is currently leading the Trinity League in receiving yards with 412 yards, which ranks him sixth in the county. In addition to excelling on the football field, Grant also excels in the classroom as he maintains a 3.64 GPA.

Incoming Freshman

*The Parent Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 3, 2018 from 6:00-8:00pm in the Science Lecture Hall*

Contact Information:

  • Freshmen Head Coach: Scott McIntosh: McintoshS@smhs.org
  • Interim Football Administrative Assistant: Raelyn Cheung-Sutton: cheungsuttonr@smhs.org | Phone: 949-766-6000, ext. 1065

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