Girls Soccer

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2019-20 Girls Varsity Soccer Roster
Number Name Height Position Grade
mngr/stats Abdelmalek Antoinette Mngr/Stats 12
Brummer Emma md/def 10
Christiansen Gianna Def/for 11
Eddy MaKena Def/Md/ 12
Epping Lauren
Fetters Sydney
Gianolla Ella Def/Md/For 10
Guida Olivia For 12
Hackett Summer For 10
Hayden Caroline Def 10
Hayden Christa Def 9
Klosinski Grace Gk 11
Klosonski Alivia Def 11
MacMillan Mackenzie For 11
Morris Alexa For 10
Moschetti Angelina for 9
Parker Jessica for 10
Pearlman Sophia Md/For 11
Rodgers Ashley Mid/For 10
Silva Jena Def/Md/ 10
Stensby Katie Md 10
Svinth Jaime Def 12
Thao Grace Def 9

2019-20 Girls JV Soccer Roster
Number Name Height Position Grade
Alonso Sharlene 10
Davies McKenna 10
Fairchild Mia 10
Gast Rylee 9
Good Sara 11
Hall Shayne 9
Hedge Ashley 10
Henshaw Giulia 11
Hester Rachel 10
Hoey Vanessa 9
Horn Emily 11
Huebscher Mia 11
Linares Francesca 10
Mc Neil Madeline 11
McKindley Taylor 11
Mohseni Sheila 10
Moss Grace gk/def 9
Ryan Linley 9
Sergi Macie 9
Tatch Tatum 10

2019-20 Girls Soccer Frosh Soph Roster
Number Name Height Position Grade
Beaumont Cassandra TBD 9
Bernadin Emma TBD 10
Caffrey Brooke TBD 9
Chiate Emily TBD 9
Ghomizadeh Nika TBD 10
Gwon Rachel TBD 10
Hahn Olivia TBD 9
Kacer Abby TBD 9
Mangano Morgan TBD 9
McNeil Emily TBD 9
McPhee Rachel gk 10
Meeks Gabby TBD 9
Murdrinich Jewelya TBD 10
Ransil Bella TBD 10
Swanson Julia TBD 10
Stuart Audrey TBD 9


Varsity Head Coach | Eddie Huerta

This year marks Coach Huerta’s 24th year of coaching high school soccer. He began coaching at SMCHS for the 1996-97 season, when the Eagles captured their first Division 2 Championship. Eddie graduated from Concordia University in Irvine where he earned numerous goal-keeping honors as a starter all four years. With his teaching degree, Coach Huerta enjoys a rewarding career inspiring young athletes to excel not only in the classroom at Newhart Middle School, but also on the playing field. Eddie coaches the Lady Eagles in summer league and helps facilitate the SMCHS soccer camps. He also coaches young female players in club soccer. Coach Huerta is married to Paulette and resides in Rancho Santa Margarita with his daughters, Alexes and Ravyn.

Assistant Varsity | Alexes Huerta

Bio coming soon

JV Coach | Antoinette Love

Antoinette is a native of Southern California, attending Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena. She played internationally as a member of the Croatian National Team from 1996-99. She played collegiately at Arizona State University from 1997-2001, becoming the first-ever ASU soccer player to earn All-Pac-10 honors when she was named Second Team All-Conference during her freshman campaign. She would later earn Second Team Pac-10 honors in 2000. She earned her bachelor's degree in secondary education from Arizona State in 2002 and later earned her master's degree in educational leadership from the University of Nevada in 2007.

After her playing days she went on to coach college soccer at various levels for a number of years: Elmira College Assistant Coach (2003-2004), University of Nevada Assistant Coach (2004-2008) and Interim Head Coach (2007-2008), University of Kansas Assistant Coach (2008-2011), and University of La Verne Head Coach (2012).

After her college coaching years she went on to coach youth players in Texas and Kansas. She is married to Jeff Love (SM Football Assistant Head Coach) and they have 2 boys Cameron and Anthony.

Frosh Soph Head Coach | Coach Christina

Christina played soccer competitively for 12 years. She played her high school years at SMCHS for 4 years as a goalie, and then attended the University of Arizona. This is her 9th year coaching at SMCHS and she is excited to be involved with the girls soccer program. Christina works during the day as a preschool teacher. Away from her teaching job, she enjoys spending time with her husband Dan, son Royce, and daughter Lillian.



2019-20 Varsity Soccer Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location Time Score
Tuesday 12/3/19 Mission Viejo MVHS 04:00
Thursday 12/5/19 Tesoro Tesoro 4:30
Tuesday 12/10/19 Huntington Beach SMCHS 03:15
Wednesday 12/12/19 Yorba Linda SMCHS 03:15

Friday 12/20/19 St. Margarets SMCHS 03:15

Sat 1/4/20 Jserra Jserra 03:15
Tuesday 1/7/20 Orange Lu Orange Lu 03:15
Thursday 1/9/20 Mater Dei SMCHS 03:15
Tuesday 1/14/20 Rosary Fullerton College 03:15
Thursday 1/16/20 BYE BYE BYE
Tuesday 1/21/20 Jserra SMCHS 03:15
Thursday 1/23/20 Orange Lu SMCHS 03:15
Monday 1/27/20 Mater Dei Mater Dei 03:15
Wednesday 1/29/20 Rosary SMCHS 03:15
Tuesday 2/4/20 BYE BYE BYE
2019-20 Junior Varsity Soccer Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location Time Score
Tuesday 12/3/19 Mission Viejo Mission Viejo 05:30
Thursday 12/5/19 Tesoro Tesoro 06:00
Tuesday 12/10/19 Huntington Beach SMCHS-grassfield 03:15
Thursday 12/12/19 Yorba Linda SMCHS-grassfield 03:15

Friday 12/20/19 St. Margarets SMCHS-turf 04:45
Saturday 12/21/19 Trabuco Hills Trabuco Hills 12:00
Saturday 1/4/20 Jserra Jserra 01:15
Tuesday 1/7/20 Orange Lu Orange Lu 05:00
Thursday 1/9/20 Mater Dei SMCHS-grass field 03:15
Tuesday 1/14/20 Rosary Rosary-Hydra Field 03:15
Thursday 1/16/20 BYE BYE BYE
Tuesday 1/21/20 Jserra SMCHS-grass field 03:15
Thursday 1/23/20 Orange Lu SMCHS-grass field 03:15
Monday 1/27/20 Mater Dei Mater Dei 03:15
Wednesday 1/29/20 Rosary SMCHS-grass field 03:15
2019-20 Frosh Soph Soccer Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location Time Score
Tuesday 12/3/19 Mission Viejo SMCHS 03:15
Thursday 12/5/19 Tesoro SMCHS 03:15
Tuesday 12/10/19 Huntington Beach SMCHS-turf 04:45
Thursday 12/12/19 Yorba Linda Yorba Linda 03:15
Saturday 12/21/19 Trabuco Hills Trabuco Hills 10:00

Tuesday 1/7/20 Mater Dei SMCHS 03:15
Thursday 1/9/20 Mater Dei Mater Dei TBD
Tuesday 1/14/20 Mater Dei Mater Dei TBD
Thursday 1/16/20 Mater Dei SMCHS TBD
Monday 1/27/20 Mater Dei SMCHS 03:15


Come join us for a fun filled, non-competitive afternoon of soccer activities for youth with special needs. TOPSoccer (The US Youth Soccer Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training program for young athletes ages 5 and up with Special needs. The goal is to enable young athletes with disabilities to develop their physical fitness, technical skills, courage and self-esteem, through the joy and excitement of playing soccer. See highlights from previous event at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7foWUEs2eQ

No prior soccer experience is needed. Players must wear shin guards. Parents and/ or guardians of players must be present.

Cost: FREE! | Saturday, December 14th, 2019 | 11:30am-2:30pm

Location: Santa Margarita Catholic High School
22062 Antonio Pkwy, Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca. 92692

For more information about TOPSoccer visit the CalSouth website at: http://www.calsouth.com/en/topsoccer/

Team Record



  • 94-95 22-5-2 Quarterfinalist
  • 95-96 21-2-3 Semifinalist
  • 96-97 19-1-3 D2 Champs
  • 97-98 15-5-5 D2 Champs
  • 98-99 15-4-7 D3 Champs
  • 99-00 18-4-0 Semifinalist
  • 00-01 20-2-2 D3 Champs
  • 01-02 21-1-2 D3 Champs
  • 02-03 17-6-3 Quarterfinalist
  • 03-04 21-5-4 Semifinalist
  • 04-05 16-4-2 Semifinalist
  • 05-06 11-6-1 1st round
  • 06-07 14-6-6 1st round
  • 07-08 15-1-8 2nd round
  • 08-09 12-9-4 Quarterfinalist
  • 09-10 18-4-3 Semifinalist
  • 10-11 25-5-3 Semifinalist
  • 11-12 18-5-4 Semifinalist
  • 12-13 10-6-4 Quarterfinalist
  • 13-14 16-4-4 D1 Champs
  • 14-15 13-8-5 Quarterfinalist
  • 15-16 25-6-0 D1 Champs, D1 Regional Champs, #1 Ranked in USA
  • 16-17 13-4-4 2nd Round
  • 17-18 15-6-5 CIF Finalist, Regional Semifinalist
  • 18-19 15-5-3 Quarterfinalists

TOTAL 425-14-87

NCAA Requirements

Click Here to locate the NCAA sport guidelines and calendar

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Division I & II Eligibility Requirements

NCAA member schools have adopted rules to create an equitable recruiting environment that promotes student-athlete well-being. The rules define who may be involved in the recruiting process, when recruiting may occur and the conditions under which recruiting may be conducted. Recruiting rules seek, as much as possible, to control intrusions into the lives of student-athletes.

The NCAA defines recruiting as “any solicitation of prospective student-athletes or their parents by an institutional staff member or by a representative of the institution’s athletics interests for the purpose of securing a prospective student-athlete’s enrollment and ultimate participation in the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.”

College Commitments


  1. Gianna Christiansen '21 - University of Arizona
  2. Grace Klosinski '21 - University of Arizona
  3. Mackenzie MacMillan '21 - Boise State University
  4. Christa Hayden '23 - University of Michigan

Parent & Player Information

>> Click Here for Mandatory Soccer Forms <<

Welcome to SMCHS,

This is a special place for your daughters to matriculate and grow into fine young ladies. Our school and program is Christ centered and Caritas Christi is the compass that guides us. Be assured myself and the coaching staff will treat your daughters with respect and dignity in every capacity. The High School experience is short and the soccer season is even shorter. Stay positive with each other and your daughter. There are many life lessons that come from playing sports so enjoy this small moment in your daughters life. The coaching staff and myself would like to convey some clear guidelines and expectations listed below.

*Coaching staff will never discuss soccer strategy or playing time with parents.

*Encourage your daughter to personally speak to the coaches when there is confusion regarding but not limited to:

  • Understanding and Executing Tactical expectations.
  • Roles within the Formation that is being utilized in a given match.
  • Personal struggles such as injuries, illness and necessary treatments.

Players are to initiate these conversations, rather than parents. Understand that the coaching staff has a method of creating success for the program and it’s athletes. Parents should not interfere with this process. There will be successes and failures but we need to keep to our core convictions regarding SMCHS and the Girls Soccer Program.

Parents must understand that only 11 players can be on the field at one time. There is an ongoing performance based competition in trainings and games that will determine the 11 players and subs participating on game day. This will always be at the coach’s discretion. Playing time could differ from match to match and players are to honor their commitment to the program regardless of the amount of playing time they receive.

Finally, the coaching staff understands there will be moments in which you disagree with methods, strategy, subbing and even the ref during a match. Be assured we will conduct ourselves in a manner that represents SMCHS and program in the highest regard. Parents on the sideline are expected to as well.

PARENT / PLAYER MANDATORY MEETING | Wednesday Oct 30, 6:00pm Science Lecture Hall

Uniforms and Program Information will be delivered

GIRLS SOCCER PICTURE DAY | Monday Nov 4, 2:30pm, Turf Field

Field players must wear Royal uniform kit, Goalkeepers dressed out in uniform, No practice this day


Please must wear practice gear


Saturday Dec 14, 11:30 – 2:30PM; Participation by all teams is required, Parent volunteers are encouraged

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